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Useful Palawan Travel Tips that Every Visitors Must Read

Traveling in Palawan, Philippines is as demanding as any travel destination since a lot has been located in desolated portions of the island and may have exclusive accommodations waiting. But once you get to the island, everything will flow smooth and gives a sense of ease from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.


Snake Islands in Palawan—Photo courtesy of Mon Corpuz on Flickr

An eager traveler like you may find a lot of travel options in mind the moment you step the Manila airport, already had interesting places you wanted to go to or feel free to trek solemn areas. It is best to remember that transportation alternatives in the Philippines are as varied as food choices. In the province like Palawan however, you get to have tough rides with the roughest modes of transportation to get to your destination.

Whether you are a local or foreign tourist, you need to prepare your stomach for the goings-on, prepare yourself to wheel off routes that are sometimes too quite and don’t have concreted highways. This Palawan travel tip may also mean that under a heavy sun you’d experience eating dust in a tricycle or jeepney ride.

When in Palawan, you need to know that the capital is Puerto Princesa. Most of the itinerary is based in Puerto Princesa and it is easier to get to Manila when there. Via airplane, it will take one hour to Manila, by boat ride will take twenty hours. There are also private planes that can be chartered to and fro Palawan and you can enjoy additional luxury with a decent airport and spectacular view of our biggest island province, Once you arrive at our lovely destination, getting around the island is either through crowded buses or tricycles. These motorcycles with two-seater sidecars are usually the most handy, nifty, and convenient modes of transportation, as you can charter your own trip at your whim with the added discomfort of haggling with a local driver of course.

El Nido

El Nido, Palawan—Photo courtesy of Mon amorey on Flickr

If you’re going island-hopping, retrofitted pump boats are the way to go. As usual, you have the choice of taking regular trips or chartered ones.
Bring the right clothing for your Palawan clothing. It’s a tropical country so one does not need to bring heavy jackets for cold weather. For westerners who had sensitive skin under the sun, apply protective lotions with approved sun block amount. Because the lighter the skin, the more it is sensitive of getting damaged from the sun.

Wear light clothing when it is hot. If there is rain however, you can change to sweatshirts and make sure there is an umbrella or raincoat handy to protect you from getting wet. A map too of your Palawan travel brochure is enough to give you basic knowledge of the location and pinpoint stopovers wherever you need to inquire places. But kind authorities or people around can help you locate places.

An insect repellent and bottle of water can help a lot in short travels or evening promenades. If under medication, just make sure you get to keep enough for the whole trip; better yet secure extra medical supplies while still in Manila.

The English Language is widely spoken in the Philippines. But since Filipinos are regionalistic in general, learning the language of the people in a specific place would give them a sense of pride and admiration for the guests; learn a short phrase or say “thanks” in the vernacular.

Act confidently but not boisterous. People can be hostile and they may harm visitors if they do not feel a sense of regret doing it. Filipinos love to be appreciated, so make sure to be positive whenever you talk. Don’t discuss religion and politics unless spoken to someone who is educated in these matters.
A lot of walking and exploring will require one to wear comfy and sturdy footwear. It is also advantageous to prepare a set of loose change for public transportation placed in a belt bag or cash bag that’s handy and safely fastened to your body. Enjoy the local cuisine but make sure its cooked right or done cleanly. Exotic dishes in Palawan can only be tasted in Palawan.

Your last Palawan travel tip requires you to check on the overall safety for the hotel or resort, making sure there are no disturbances or discomfort along the way. Ask assistance if you notice something wrong immediately.

Your Palawan travel tip will help you meet challenges and prevent unwanted things to happen while you are in a holiday. Enjoy your stay in Palawan and make it a lifetime experience with a camera.

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