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Unearthing the Beauty of Palawan

Although Palawan Island is currently facing a threat from pitiless mining firms, a lot of witnesses to its abundance christen it as “the last frontier”; that it may remain now one of the last of its kind this earth could not afford to companies who assert development and yet exploit its bounty and natural possessions. The call for preserving its natural environment has now become a global concern.

Underground River Palawan

Famous Underground River Palawan—Photo courtesy of Lallie on Flickr

The famed Subterranean Underground River in Puerto Princesa is finding its way to be part of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Ka Lui, one of the best restaurants in the country, can also be found in Puerto Princesa: where the real taste of Filipino seafood cuisine can be found. Of course, the best catch is freshest in the seafood markets around the city.

Aside from the “shipwreck” diving spots in the northernmost tip of Palawan called Coron; the cleanest lake in the country, Kayangan Lake, can be found there. There are island hopping trips that can tour around desolated beaches and quiet coves and it usually ends up with a therapeutic dip in Maquinit Hot Springs. More so that the city serves as a jump-off point to exclusive resorts such as Club Paradise and El Rio Y Mar; Calauit Safari is accessible through this point too.

Being the largest and most preserved island in the entire Philippines, Palawan Island can accommodate visitors and hook up by its own to conclude that it symbolizes the indisputable and conserved beauty of Mother Nature.

It is one task of travelers coming to the island to make an effort to cooperate in environmental preservation since it was difficult for the local government and its people to protect Palawan Island. Rules and regulations are well disseminated in towns and cities of the province and are being observed by the residents or visitors alike, especially in protecting and preserving all creatures: that is included in the region that makes Palawan to be truly distinctive.

The geographical location of the island is one reason for its scattered beaches that are marked as “abundant” and “marvelous.” And since Palawan Island is surrounded by bodies of water, a lot of water activities within the beaches or snorkeling and diving on the clear blue water can be anticipated.
A lot of tourists in Palawan Island, who finds their way back walking to its very roads or take pleasure watching its panorama, say “paradise”. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one hardly missed. A huge limestone karst landscape that also includes Underground River is the mark that best shows this park. It also comes out straight into the sea and its inferior part can manipulate the tide. Biodiversity conservation is also being characterized by the locality.

Yellow-throated Leafbird

Yellow-throated Leafbird—Photo courtesy of slr2006 on Flickr

One unique of wonder in Palawan Island is the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park. A lot had already left their upbeat feedbacks on internet blogs and travel journals denoting their experience and memories that represents the general description of Palawan for its exceptional model of coral reef with a huge and diverse bulk of aquatic species. Birds and marine turtles use the surrounding situates as their nestling spot; and, the teamwork of local residents with environmental workers helped preserved nature.

Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary house the animals that are facing the danger of extinction. Endangered animals of Palawan and foreign animals from Africa can be well protected by the sanctuary. Visitors from all over the world can be amazed by the animals that are existed in this place because they can be unique for some guests.

Palawan Island is undeniably a marvel of nature worth a visit for a lifetime experience. Need not miss it, of course; being the widely considered “last ecological frontier in the Philippines,” with uninhabited islands surrounding the mainland, craggy limestone cliffs, glorious coral reefs, majestic countryside landscape and abundant flora and fauna fit for a traveler who surveys a different travel escapade.

Palawan bear cats

Palawan bear cats—Photo courtesy of rickysy on Flickr

Scheduling an escapade to Palawan means choosing among the daily flights from Manila to Puerto Princesa through carriers such as Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific. Travel time by air is one hour and five minutes. Small planes bound for the Calamian Islands in the northern portion of Palawan are also available. Arriving at the YKR Airport in Busuanga Island (part of Calamian group of Islands), visitors can take the jeepney shuttles to Decalatiao Wharf, where speedboats are waiting to ferry everyone to their island destination of choice.

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