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Top Beach Resorts in Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island’s dignified history is prided on the remains of colonial churches and sunken crosses of acemetery that now lies undersea. Its volcanic topography is blessed with spectacular hot and cold springs. Its streets and street-side-joints are alighted with locals smiling and accommodating tourists and trippers ever making their way there and old houses too, picturesque vistas almost every after. Camiguin Island is outstanding whether you’re reading it in magazines, hearing it from friends, or seeing it yourself. It is truly a worthwhile experience. Not only that springs here soothes your soul, or thrills you out bone-deep on your Katibawasan Falls trek, it is truly breathtaking to see marvelous places unfurl in your trip around the island. But wait, the beach escapes don’t want to be let out, as more and more white sanded retires console your weary senses.

Camiguin white sand beach

Camiguin white sand beach—Photo courtesy of paynepat44 on flickr

Secret Cove Beach Resort and Restaurant ranks among the top listed Camiguin Island Beach Resorts. And because it is owned expatriates who know good dining experience, the prices are reasonably good with a home style accommodation. Fran Ng of Seair Inflight Magazine said, “expats who’ve settled in Camiguin add a cosmopolitan touch to the cuisine. At Secret Cove Resort run by Canadian Tom Solski and his wife Bida, a local Camiguinon, you’ll find the simple pleasures of island living and nutritious home cooked food. In a bamboo gazebo right by the beach you can eat German sausages fried just right, oven baked Gruyere Chicken with mushrooms, tender Black Angus steaks, tomatoes in olive oil drizzled on a crunchy Bruschetta, pancakes triple decker mango cheesecake topped with a rich dollop of cream.” What makes this so elegant is the fine selection of local and imported dishes while you get to dive as it is home to a more professionally managed dive firm called Johnny’s Dive and Fun.

Recently, Bahay Bakasyunan sa Camiguin gained its place to top Camiguin Island Beach Resorts. It captivates a day tripper of its unique setting, revealing a splendor of quaintness and perhaps incomparable beauty of the landscapes and seascapes. The tropical wonders await you in a secluded waterfall, a poetic musing over the Minadanao Sea or a dip of relaxing sand in your feet. The Cabanas are readied with all modern amenities to keep your stay worthwhile, like in a paradise. You can also enjoy a bottle of semi sweet Sangria or California Red coupled with a nicely grilled meat. Fresh and seafood at the Oceanside bar and grill lusciously tangs with a glass of white wine. Making its way to among the top Camiguin Island beach resorts offers you most suiting amenities for diving and water sports, visits to the neighboring white island and Mantigue Island, and a spiritual bliss at the Cabana Spa.

The 200-feet beach front of Agohay Beach, “The Beach Club” as it is locally dubbed is the best spot to see the golden and majestic sunset. The white island glimmers while the sun sinks to the deep blue waters. You can write a blog or a poem if you’re among those whose words can create immortality, but if your expressive style impassions the voluptuous meals showered with elegance, the reasonably priced accommodations will sizzle your favorite, classy selections of Filipino, Indian, American, European options. There is also a pool to cool you down or schedule a wealth of activities at your own command.

There is a lot more to Camiguin Island escapades, Caves Dive Resort offers a different kind of garden oasis by the sea in the island paradise. Set in the beautifully landscaped tropical garden and across the sea, the White Island rests. The serene environment relaxes your mind. Accommodation packages come in different types, from individual cottages to two room bungalow. Each cottage or bungalow is readied with double or queen sized bed, private bathroom, hot cold shower, fan or air-conditioning, and a veranda that looks out to a garden and to the singing sea. Home style cuisine is at its finest when you get to know the delicacies that make its reputation to be the best resort restaurant in the island restaurant.

Camiguin Island beach resorts offer you more than accommodation, a home away from home experience. And since every guest is a precious part of Camiguin’s fast growing tourism industry, It is never difficult to book one on their centralized Internet website or any travel agency.





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