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Tips on How to Make Your Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa More Memorable

Tired of the usual dinner dates that you have with your loved ones? Do you want to try something new and romantic this year for your anniversary celebration? Then why not try Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa.



Indeed, it can be truly romantic to be surrounded by fireflies amidst the dark night. The numerous flicking lights coming from the fireflies can create a magical atmosphere that will simply win over the heart of any body. Going on Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa would truly entail much effort especially if you are not a local of the area. Tourists would need to travel great distance in order to reach the firefly sanctuary itself. However, all the efforts and hard work are all worth it once you are able to witness fireflies.

To make the whole experience more romantic and simply memorable, people can include other activities with your partner while enjoying the fireflies. Because of the growing popularity of Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa, there are various offers and packages being offered to tourists and visitors.

Enjoy a boat ride

Boat rides are one of the main tourist activities that people could enjoy. These boat rides will allow tourists to visit the clean and beautiful rivers of Puerto Princesa such as Iwahig River. These boat rides are being enjoyed by people during day time as the scenic views are fully appreciated. However, going on a night boat ride can have its advantages. And one of this is the opportunity to do Firefly watching. Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa is simply breath taking as people will be able to witness natural light show that you and your loved one could enjoy. Aside from this, there are boat rides that include local dishes that one could enjoy during the whole trip.

Romantic dinner for two

If one would want something intimate, people could try availing certain special boat ride services. There are boat ride packages available that will allow people to set up their own romantic dinner aboard. Through this way, privacy is assured allowing people to fully enjoy Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa. But then, people could expect that this kind of services would require immense financial budget as renting a whole boat for one night can be expensive. To make it convenient, people could book ahead of time if they plan to have private boat rides.

Take photos of the whole experience

Indeed, every experience is made memorable by taking photos. Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa is a sight that people should not miss taking a photo of. Nonetheless, taking photo during night time is not that easy considering the situation. But then, there are camera set ups that could still capture great photos of the fireflies even in the dark. However, trip photos are one of the perks being offered to tourists nowadays. There is firefly watching packages that would include souvenir photos of the spectacular trip. Some of these souvenir photos may come free, while others would require people to pay a certain additional fee.

Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa is truly an opportunity that people will be able to experience once in their lives. This one of a kind experience is made special if it is to be shared with your loved ones.

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