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Thinking About Having a Palawan Vacation?

Anticipating grand events to happen in an ideal summer trip can turn out to everyone when the hot atmosphere just push us away from our four walled corners to seek a wider view of the sky or dip in a cool water. Chances are there are few spots that can offer an all-in price for such trip. Count in Palawan Island as one. One unique site dubbed as the “ideal holiday destination in the Philippines”.

Coron Palawan

Coron Island in Palawan—Photo courtesy of dongdonggadongdong on Flickr

Palawans’ landscape is not limited to the ground area which is the largest island in the Philippines. It probably is the spot for the unsurpassed seascape in the world too. The rain forest, caves, coral reefs, mangroves, beaches, and clear blue waters are its compelling scenes; home to exotic animals that love the climate and are protected by conservationists and residents. A well maintained sanctuary for rare species of giraffes and zebras along with other wildlife whose ancestors were originally from Africa, thrive in Palawan. The animals wander openly all over the place and harmonize with regional creatures such as Calamian deer, the Palawan bearcat, and the Palawan peacock pheasants. This idyllic place for a short safari would certainly lure binoculars to take a closer look at these splendid animals.

The southern portion is home of the famed Underground River which is located at the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, also recognized as the “Sabang’s St. Paul Subterranean National Park”. It is considered to be the longest underground water with the length of eight kilometers long.

The northern portion of Palawan is the well known Coron Island; popular for divers discovering wrecks of warships from the Second World War. Coron is also popular for its several lakes, where salt and fresh water are pooled. Reaching Kayangan and Barracuda lakes involve short hikes, a time to convene with nature enjoying awesome sites. The Twin Lagoon is accessible by raft, getting to the other sites braces one to swim through an underwater tunnel. Make Palawan Vacation a memorable one by daring to stuff the tummy with an exotic food treat—Tamilok, a worm-like mollusk found in Palawan’s mangroves but is also a much loved delicacy in a restaurant in Puerto Princesa called Kinabuchs. It is eaten raw after the insides are removed and tastes best when dipped in spiced native coconut vinegar.

Calauit Palawan

Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary—Photo courtesy of Roslyn in Starfish Island on Flickr

The province of Palawan also has an old history which dates back to over twenty thousand years ago as archaeologists have discovered many fragments of bones of what is called the Tabon Man; known to be cave dwellers that originated from Borneo. It is in the municipality of Quezon that the caves were found and are recognized as the Cradle of Civilization in the Philippines. During the colonial period, little is only known of Palawan Island than the pirates who were first known to exist as chieftains of some ancestral minority. In time, the turnover from Spanish to the American rule resulted to many construction projects, most in particular involved creation of schools and agriculture projects. During the Second World War the Japanese invasion was through Palawan. It is for this reason that Palawan today has remnants of Japanese war ships underneath its waters, and is one of the best and most visited dive sites in the entire Philippines apart from other diving areas in the archipelago.

Your Palawan vacation may not be limited alone to the white beaches and hills and commonplace relaxation. Meeting people too can be interesting, their way of life and livelihood crafts are among the noteworthy account. You’ll instantly feel the slow moving world of their province and appreciate their way of living. Whether in the marketplace or recent installations, the people of Palawan are courteous and hospitable, can buy one a beer and sit for a chat; or simply spend time observing outside from the hotel window the brighter things that cheer up the lively spirit of the people.

Making a Palawan vacation can be easy with a good booking agent or simply a travel guide brochure which can be available in bookstores or vendors at seaport check in counters, or airports. It is a moving experience that lures for an vigorous day tripper such as yourself.

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