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The Supernatural Wonders of Siquijor

Pretty much of this island’s reputation owes to the magical thinking of every Filipino, as Siquijor is known to be a stamping ground of sorcerers, healers, and witches or locally called mambabarang. Yet much of this laid back getaway is less than maleficent spells: inasmuch, a real magic takes place of this enchanting paradise perfect for a sojourner escaping the busy urban life. A Siquijor Island experience takes you to a lore of surprises and that’ll surely turn your stress into a hocus-pocus of relief.

Siquijor Island

Sunset on the mystical island of Siquijor—Photo courtesy of randomly_speaking on Flickr

Siquijor’s uncrowded beaches, unexplored caves, and photogenic sunsets are among the reasons why you should visit this Paradise. But apart from that, its culinary delicacy and varying colors of the sea entices more of you and discover this inexpensive getaway spot that’ll fill your social networking site with unequaled photos worth dozens of commentaries and inquiries.

An island province of the Philippines located in the central Visayas region, Siquijor Island is close to Cebu, Negros, and Bohol. Once a sub province of Negros Oriental and also called “Isla del Fuego” (Island of Fire) by the Spaniards. Siquijor is considered to be full of surprising spots as it has now been receiving a lot of visitors and foreign tourists making their way to this serene and picture perfect sunset haven unbelievably flocked with exclaims on the internet. With a coastline of 102 Km long, Siquijor is the third smallest province of the Philippines. Its highest peak is located at the center of the island and is called Mount Bandilaan. In most part of the island, from January to May it’ s usually dry and wet the rest of the year. At the southern tip of the island however, it’s dry from November to April and wet the rest of the year.

The Spanish Esteban Rodriguez of the Legazpi expedition in 1565 found out about this island made of sedimentary rock and fringed coral reefs, and by night a myriad of fireflies harbored in Molave trees instill a semblance of eerie glow when galleons passed it seas, they created a name distinct from the rest, Islas del Fuegos. That your Siquijor island was previously believed to have risen from the ocean in an immense storm and is considered a land disguised by mysteries and unusual religious belief. Black art, famous practice for people in the island and is even exercised with pride as it intensely infected their supernatural skills combined with Christian faith.

Your Siquijor Island, like most rural communities in the Philippines, is filled with legends and lore that come to life when old and young people speak of it, but it’s in Siquijor that festivals are held on primitive healing rituals, incantations are sung or recited while making potions of herbs, roots, insects, and tree barks. That it only adds up to the enchanting places that few ever get acquainted with, with foods from local eateries and restaurants: traditional Filipino dishes or international dishes set in a shoreline in this spectacular island of fire.

Many believed that your Siquijor Island is the land of magic potions, shamans, sorcerers, and witches and a lot of Filipino tourists choose not to spend overnight on this island because of the superstition. But much of Siquijor’s beauty is yet unexploited by visitors and this has been an asset instead for the island to boast of its major industry, tourism. Most of its coast is white sand. Its vast coral reefs are ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. Hilly terrains hide clear springs in this paradise. Its forests are undisturbed with white rock formations shaped by the changing winds of time, concealing caves and pools of waterway gushing to waterfalls and rivers too, solemnly moving to the mangroves crowding the seaside and to the sea of changing colors: truly supernatural, this island of fire enchants a curious traveler that you are, and one might guess next time your footprints will ever walk in its sands.

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  • There are lots of interesting stories about this place. Next time, I go to the Visayas I will definitely check out Siquijor. :)

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