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Philippine Tarsier: A Glimpse of Bohol’s Treasure

When traveling to different place, people would look forward to seeing different scenic views and destinations. However, aside from these, it is also equally entertaining and amusing to witness various creatures that are unique to a said locality. This can be true when one would visit Bohol. Bohol is a place known for its Chocolate Hills. But then, this beautiful place has a lot more to offer. Tourists must make it a point to see up close and personal the infamous Philippine Tarsier in Bohol. Nonetheless, before one gets too excited and rushes to the nearest tarsier center in Bohol, it is important to have background knowledge of this said creature before seeing them in person. Through this way, one will be able to fully appreciate the nature of Philippine Tarsier in Bohol. At the same time, knowing these facts can be fun and entertaining.

Philippine Tarsier

Philippine Tarsier—Photo courtesy of archi prudencio on Flickr

What’s with Tarsiers
Opposing to the popular slogan of being the “smallest monkey”, it was concluded that Philippine Tarsier in Bohol is only one of the smallest primate ever to be documented. There are various species of tarsiers seen throughout the country. Some of the species are located at Samar, Leyte and even part of Mindanao. Aside from that, there are also tarsiers seen in various countries in Asia. These Philippine tarsiers are arboreal by nature, which mean that they can be seen at the branches and roots of trees. At the same time, Philippine tarsiers are quite active during the night, making them nocturnal creatures. With this, you should not wonder why you can see tarsiers looking passive and sedentary when you visit them during morning. In terms of food choices, tarsiers only eat insects and small animals like cockroaches, grasshoppers, crickets, bats and reptiles.

Why tarsiers are close to our hearts
They may be not like our favorite cats and dogs. However, they are still able to catch the attention of people.

So, why what’s the reason behind the craze for Philippine tarsier? Well, it’s simple. Philippine tarsiers in Bohol are small which makes them quite cute and charming. Aside from that, you will simply be amazed with their big round eyes who tend to stare back at you. Indeed, seeing small creatures like Philippine tarsiers can be a treat for both children and adult. However, though how tempting it may be, but tourist must avoid touching these said creatures without proper supervision. No matter how cute tarsiers are, they are still animals who can become hostile once it perceives a certain threat, such as you touching them. When wanting to touch tarsiers, one must first ask assistance from any guide or personnel. Through this way, proper assistance and safety measures can be imposed.

Places where you can visit them
Indeed, there are many zoos and animal centers that have their own Philippine tarsiers. However, people could also visit the The Philippine Tarsier Foundation, which is located at Km. 14 Canapnapan Corella, Bohol. By visiting this institution, tourists will not only personally see tarsiers as well as know more about them.

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