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Philippine Eagle Center Davao: Visiting the King of the Philippine Skies

If you have been to Davao, you know quite well that there are various spots and destinations which tourists could visit. People could visit different parks as well as enjoy delicious meals and delicacies that are simply unique. Nonetheless, your Davao experience will never be complete without personally seeing the pride of not only Davao as well as the Philippines. More than being popular for the Durian fruit, Davao is known as the home of the proud Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle. Indeed, Philippine Monkey-eating is a sight to behold. However, one must need not to go to the forest in order to see the Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle. One could just simply visit the Philippine Eagle Center Davao.

Philippine eagle

Philippine eagle—Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Seeing the Philippine Eagle up Close and Personal

Philippine Eagle Center Davao is a sanctuary wherein the Philippine Monkey-eating Eagles are being breed and cared. With this said facility, Davao City was able to continually promote the existence and welfare of the said national pride. Philippine Monkey Eating Monkey is an eagle known for its beautiful appearance and strong features. With its steadfast posture, Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle has gained the title as the Philippine’s National Animal. Indeed, Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle is a treasure that people must see in order to appreciate the beauty and bounty of our country. With these facts, tourists could not help but simply get too excited to personally see one of nature’s greatest wonder found in Davao City. People can conveniently get a glimpse of the Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle by visiting the Philippine Eagle Center Davao located at Davao City Water District’s Watershed Park in Malagos.

Going to the said Philippine Eagle Center Davao requires one to travel a certain distance. Nonetheless, this said sanctuary is easily accessible with the use of any means of land transportation. At the same time, the entrance fee is quite affordable with rates of PHP 50 for adults and PHP 30 for children.

It is not all about the Philippine Eagle

Basically, Philippine Eagle Center Davao is more than just a place for Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle. Aside from seeing different Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle, people can also try checking out other animals such as snakes, birds, horses and the like. The presence of other animals can be a good learning experience for both children and adults who would visit the said center. On the other hand, people could visit the various souvenir shops seen inside the center itself. The said souvenir shops sell different apparels and items that are affordable and made of quality materials.

Appreciating the Existence of the King of the Philippine Skies

Being able to go to the Philippine Eagle Center Davao is not only an opportunity to personally see the infamous Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle. Other from that, people could learn various facts and important information about the nature and flight of the said national animal of the Philippines. Learning can be attained during the whole tour as there are different important facts being posted in cages of every animal.

Nonetheless, people could also appreciate the present situation of Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle. Nowadays, Philippine Monkey-eating Eagles are facing threat of extinction. This situation happened due to the continuous hunting as well as selling of Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle in the black market. With this, the presence and advocate of the Philippine Eagle Center Davao plays a crucial role in fostering the continual existence and propagation of these animals.

Take the opportunity to see and know one of our country’s greatest prides by visiting the Philippine Eagle Center Davao.

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