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Palawan Nature Attractions to Discover

Philippines, as one major tourist attraction in Southeast Asia has been gifted with tropical bounty and natural sensation like those found in Palawan. Some tourists’ sites which continue to draw guests from around the planet are the enchanting Chocolate hills in Bohol; wonders of Rice Terraces in Ifugao; panoramic Mayon Volcano in Bicol. Nonetheless, among the aforementioned, it is the Palawan Nature attraction that fascinates tourists looking for a rewarding escapade. Palawans’ rich bio-diversity is the key for its economic stability and booming ecotourism; the scenic natural landscapes and surroundings of this place, its several globally heralded and remarkable destinations merits a visit.

Calauit Island

Calauit Island—Photo courtesy of on Flickr

Located in the southern region of the Philippines, Palawan has experienced a positive change in its tourism sector and certainly improving in its campaign on ecological preservation for the past decades. Foreign and local travelers continue to affirm the compelling attractions and captivating sceneries that includes clear white sand beaches and world class diving sites. And since Palawan preserves the world’s most diverse ecosystem, geological wonders, endangered species, retro traditions, and extraordinary wildlife sanctuaries. These eye-catching spots and natural gifts make Palawan as the world’s natural sanctuary and possibly the last unspoiled nature frontier in the country.

The Palawan nature attractions highlight the incomparable diving sites that are already well known to travelers and diving enthusiasts. Not only because this is home to the famed Tubbataha Reef, but also of its coral reefs and assorted selections of deep waters on the beaches of this incredible tropical island. And since diving is only among the other activities one can marvel in it; fishing, caving, nature trekking, bird watching, safari, sailing, windsurfing, mountain climbing, and other adventures worth a click and flash for a memorable photo of this last nature frontier that is unspoiled and been recently referred to as “treasured paradise”.

The El Nido Marine Reserve Park is one specific sites to discover. Flourishing mangrove growths are luring tourists. Its tropical forests, worth a break for one busy travel writer. Its spectacular coral reefs and limestone reefs draw Snorkel fanatics. If you think twice about going to Africa and watch the giraffes feeding in harmony, the Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary in Busuanga, Palawan; shelters rare Philippine and African wildlife: mouse deer, wild boar, Palawan bear cat, gazelle, giraffe, and zebra. In the capital city Puerto Princesa, the Honda Bay is a must see destination for water sports aficionados. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is also a must see attraction.


Busuanga, Palawan—Photo courtesy of on Flickr

Throughout the country, fiestas remain a typical celebration. In Palawan, Lambay Festival is considered as the most ancient festival in the province. Since this event is related to the Batak (an indigenous group in Palawan), it represents the beginning of the hunting and gathering season for the cultural minority. Pagdiwata Ritual Festival is also celebrated as a ritual to ask for healing aid coming from their deities.

The collection of attractive beaches, spectacular nature spots, and unique festivals awaits an explorer. And since it is trouble-free to visit this tropical island province, air transport companies and sea transportation services are available regularly. Reserve a plane seat or line up in a travel agency, the holiday offer is not costly. Mainly because there are hotels, resorts, inns, and lodges in the province that humbly offers reasonably priced accommodations for guests. Palawan nature attractions will obviously satisfy your travel experience.


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