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Pagudpud Windmills: An Attraction Just Around the Corner of Ilocos Norte

The road travel going to Ilocos Norte can be quite tiring. However, all these feeling of tiredness can be relieved the moment people are able to see the infamous Pagudpud Windmills. It would be impossible for people to miss this towering structure that is seen at the coast of Bangui Bay. Indeed, it can be a quite a sight to behold. These Pagudpud Windmills can be considered as one of the first wind turbines to be established in the Philippines. With this fact, the locality of Ilocos Norte made Pagudpud Windmills as a tourist attraction that people can visit and check out. However, there are more to know about these windmills. Pagudpud Windmills is not just any structure that is placed to serve no purpose at all. Learn more about these Pagudpud Windmills in order for you to appreciate the next time you get the chance to pass by the Ilocos Norte road.

Pagudpud windmill


Why there are windmills in Pagudpud

Basically, these wind turbines did not appear out of thin air. The Pagudpud windmill is a project proposed and initiated by the local government. However, being able to establish a number of windmills require the government to have enormous amount of budget in order to sustain the project. Nonetheless, with the financial aid and sponsorship by the Danish Government during 1998, the local government of Ilocos Norte was able to start the whole project. It is said that the whole Pagudpud Windmills project amounted to almost $48 million dollars. This said amount was able to establish a total of 19 functional windmills within the cost of Bangui Bay. At present time, it is accounted that there is a total of 49 wind turbines seen in Ilocos Norte.

By having this background information, people are able to share and impart facts to other individuals who happen to see the said Pagudpud windmills.

More than an attraction

Initially, people would see Pagudpud Windmills as an ordinary local sight that could attract tourists. And indeed it can be true as people can be quite amazed the first time they would lay eyes on the said astounding and towering structure. However, aside from being a good tourist destination, one must not forget the very purpose why Pagudpud Windmills were established in the first place.

Ilocos Norte is strategically situated near the Asia-Pacific monsoon. By having this geography, one can expect that Ilocos Norte can be considered as a place blessed with powerful wind. This unique natural occurrence became the basis why it is the best place where wind turbines will be erected. And this gave birth to Pagudpud Windmills that we know today. So what’s the use of Pagudpud Windmills in the first place? With the use of Pagudpud Windmills, people are able to generate natural source of energy. This is evident as the 40% of the province’s energy came from the Pagudpud Windmills. By having this situation, use of commercial energy source was greatly reduces which help the local government save a lot of money.

What you can do with Pagudpud Windmills

When planning to see Pagudpud Windmills, don’t be contented with just seeing it from the roadside. Seeing Pagudpud Windmills roadside can be a distant view. People will be able to appreciate the structure of the wind turbines by being able to see it up close. With this, people can go the very location of the Pagudpud Windmills which is at the coast of Bangui Bay. By arriving at the said site, people can take picture of the wind turbines. At the same time, one could also enjoy delicious meals available at cafés and shops located near the vicinity. These meals can be best enjoyed with you facing the wind turbines and feeling the strong breeze against your skin.


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