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Davao International Airport: One of Davao’s Structural Pride

Davao City is a place being constantly visited by various tourists every single day. The popularity of Davao City as a tourist destination can be attributed to the different sights and views that can be seen when you visit. Tourists are at awe because of the rich culture and tradition Davao has to offer to its visitors. However, the wonder that Davao has to offer starts not with the tourist destinations but upon reaching the airport itself. This is true considering that Davao International Airport is not the usual airport you see every day in your life.

Davao International Airport

Davao International Airport

Basically, an airport is a place where people land every time they would travel via airplane. This is also the same place where people would go to when boarding planes. With this purpose, it is important that airports are created in such a way that it will deliver comfort and convenience to various passengers. And these factors of comfort and convenience are greatly evident when you visit Davao International Airport.
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Monfront Bat Cave In Samal: Exploring The Dark World Of Bats

There are a lot of things people, both adult and children min you, hate about the dark. In the dark, people became helpless as one is deprive from the ability to see. On the other hand, there are also different creatures that only come alive during dark. One of these said creatures are bats. Bats are commonly being associated with darkness, evil, demons and even vampires. However, all of these are based from fictional works we read in books. Nonetheless, there are more to bats that meet the eye. And you can learn this by visiting Monfront Bat Cave In Samal.

Bat cave Samal

Monfort Bat Cave

Monfront Bat Cave In Samal is a tourist attraction wherein people can personally see hundreds of bats residing in every bat cave. Monfront Bat Cave In Samal has a total of 5 bat caves that are filled with an estimated amount of 1.8 million Geoffroy’s rousette fruit bats. This said enormous number is expected to increase as it was discovered that the female bats continue to be pregnant. Read more »

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5 Souvenirs You Can Purchase at Baguio City Mines View

Visiting Baguio would usually involve tourists visiting various destinations. One of the said popular Baguio tourist destinations is Mines View. Baguio City Mines View is a place known for its overlooking views that enable tourists to have a good sight of the mountains and other land formations. Nonetheless, there are a lot of things people can do when visiting Baguio City Mines View aside from appreciating the sights.

Baguio Mines View

Baguio Mines View—Photo courtesy of John Pilot on Flickr

Basically, Baguio City Mines View is the best place where tourists can find authentic and affordable souvenirs. You will surely have a great time as you go from one unique place to another while trying different souvenir items. To make your souvenir adventure more fun and exciting, here are some tips regarding the best items you can purchase at Baguio City Mines View. Read more »