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6 Awesome Snorkeling Sites in Palawan

Get ready with snorkel and flippers while a big treat to Palawan has been scheduled. Of course who would miss this chance to take a glimpse of its perfect reefs located in the surrounding coasts of this Island Paradise that’s been well-liked by tourists from all walks of life. And they do come back to the big hits of water activities, especially snorkeling.

Here are some of the best snorkeling sites in Palawan:

1. Miniloc Island
Miniloc Island is one of the top places of interest in El Nido, a first-class municipality in Palawan in southern Philippines. The island, which is set in a cove with a backdrop of limestone cliffs, is known for its crystal-clear water that is ideal for snorkeling. While underwater, enjoy a visual treat of marine life such as sergeant major, damsel fish, fusiliers, and other multi-colored tropical fishes. Accommodations are not a problem here, as it houses a number of resorts offering first-class vacation packages in Palawan. Don’t be mystified by the mysterious aura of the unique rock formations while approaching the island. This already popular tourist destination has gathered global attention.

Miniloc Island Palawan

Miniloc Island Palawan—Photo courtesy of woodworth82 on Flickr

2. The Big and Small Lagoons in Miniloc Island
The Big and Small Lagoons are the key attraction in the Miniloc Island in El Nido, Palawan. Each of these lagoons offers their own unique attractions so it would be best to tackle them separately. Let’s begin with the Small Lagoon. This renowned lagoon can be accessed via a small crack on a limestone wall. Upon entering it, visitors will wade in clear waters that can be up to thirty meters deep depending on the tide. The Small Lagoon features a cave that is illuminated by a small skylight and inhabited by attractive fish.
The two lagoons located in the Miniloc Island are also key attractions for day trippers and water enthusiasts. The way in to the renowned lagoon is via a small crack on a limestone wall. Before ever reaching the lagoon, guests needs to wade in clear waters that can be up to thirty meters deep or depending on the tide. The small lagoon however is also well known for its cave illuminated by a natural sunlight that also attracts fishes.
The lagoons in Miniloc Island are recognized by its transparent waters that turns to deep blue color depending on the water level. The deep waters are ideal for snorkeling because it is home to a wide variety of corals and exotic marine life.
There is also an attraction vie a narrow channel with limestone walls on each side when entering Miniloc Island. Read more »

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Interesting Places to See in Cebu

A popular destination like Cebu has captured the fancy and attention of millions of foreigners from all over the world. Koreans count in thousands who visit Cebu Island every month. Where you go in Cebu will be a matter o f preference.

There are historical museums for those who want to take a trip down memory lane or you can take a walk and enjoy the solemn pavements in Fort San Pedro. There are flourishing estates and abundance in the islands where one can enjoy diving, parasailing, jet skiing, and other water activities, to name just a few. There are shopping malls that cover several acres of land, as well as the famed Carbon Market, which would certainly hark back of the shopping districts in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Below are just some of the many interesting places in Cebu that every visitors should visit.

Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island—Photo courtesy of ComicGeek on Flickr

Bantayan Island

At the northern tip of Cebu is the Bantayan Island. It is renowned for two things: a great shoreline and small population. If you’re looking for the most ideal recluse, this would be it. There’s definitely affordable and impressive beach resorts to spend an interesting weekend or summer. Read more »

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List of Philippine Festivals


Sinulog FestivalCelebrated every 3rd week of January in Cebu City
This Philippine fiesta in Visayas region celebrates Cebu’s patron saint, the Santo Niño (Child Christ). This week long event is marked by processions, street dancing and parades. This fiesta is a local version of the Mardi gras.

Ati-Atihan FestivalFiesta starts from the 16th to the 22nd of January in Kalibo, Aklan
Revelers masquerading as Negritos in colorful costumes, dance to the beat of drums while chanting “Hala Bira!” in preparation to the Sunday procession in honor of the Santo Niño.

Dinagyang FestivalHeld every fourth Sunday of January in Iloilo
This event commemorates the Christianization of the natives and to honor the Holy Child Jesus. This festival usually comes after Sinulog Festival in Cebu City.


Feast of Our Lady Of CandlesEvery 2nd of February in Jaro, Iloilo City
This is the biggest and most opulent religious fiesta in the Western Visayas region. The blessing of the candles and the yearly procession of the patroness, the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria is followed by the fiesta’s queen and her court which highlights the fiesta at the town plaza.

Babaylan FestivalHeld every 19th of February in Bago City, Negros Occidental
The public gets a rare view into the simulated rituals of mystics, ancient healers and priests in various ceremonies such as marriage, healing and harvest.

Panagbenga festival

Flowers during Panagbenga Festival—Photo courtesy of Susan Corpuz on Flickr

Panagbenga FestivalHeld yearly during February in the city of Baguio
Panagbenga is a kankanaey word for “a season of blooming.” Kankanaey is a local dialect and widely used in the Cordillera Region. The Panagbenga Festival  is a month-long celebration and features floral floats and native dances.
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