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How the Giant Parol in Pampanga Tradition Started

It is said that Filipinos have their own unique way of celebrating Christmas.

As early as November, it can be observed that every Filipino home is filled with Christmas decorations. Filipino families will start putting up their Christmas tree in the living room together with other ornaments. Nonetheless, every Filipino home will never be complete without the traditional “parol”.

Giant lantern

Giant parol—Photo courtesy of agirlintheworld on Flickr

Basically, Parol is a Christmas decoration shaped like a star. The parol represents the star that said to be shining brightly during the birth of Jesus. Traditionally, parol is made from thin flexible bamboo. These bamboo sticks will then be tied together in order to form a star. After doing so, it will then be covered with colored paper to make it more attractive. Because of its religious implications as well as the innate religiousness of Filipinos, parol became a permanent part of Filipino Christmas celebration. Read more »

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Tips on How to Make Your Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa More Memorable

Tired of the usual dinner dates that you have with your loved ones? Do you want to try something new and romantic this year for your anniversary celebration? Then why not try Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa.



Indeed, it can be truly romantic to be surrounded by fireflies amidst the dark night. The numerous flicking lights coming from the fireflies can create a magical atmosphere that will simply win over the heart of any body. Going on Firefly Watching in Puerto Princesa would truly entail much effort especially if you are not a local of the area. Tourists would need to travel great distance in order to reach the firefly sanctuary itself. However, all the efforts and hard work are all worth it once you are able to witness fireflies. Read more »

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3 Ways on How to Enjoy Tamilok Delicacy in Palawan

Throughout the years, Philippines have been known to be a rich source of delicious delicacies and dishes. With this, Filipinos have developed adventurous taste buds. This paved way to the discovery of various unique dishes that are simply seen here in the Philippines. One of the popular unique delicacies that people can enjoy in the Philippines is the local favorite called tamilok. As what is commonly described by the people who have seen it, tamilok is a grayish, slimy and long worm – looking creature that can be found living in mangrove trees. Because it is found in mangroves, tamilok is abundant in Palawan region. People would commonly flinch at the sight of tamilok delicacy in Palawan because it would appear as a worm. However, Tamilok is not a worm but a mollusk.


Tamilok dish—Photo courtesy of foodtrippings.com

Though it cannot be denied that it can be disgusting to look at but its taste has been hailed as simply exceptional. The locals of Palawan would consider tamilok as a delicious delicacy. With this, tourists who visit Palawan are encouraged to have a taste of tamilok delicacy. Indeed, the experience of being able to have a taste of tamilok delicacy in Palawan is truly one of a kind and memorable. Read more »