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Cool Accommodations for Your Siquijor Escapade

The golden sunsets that are extraordinary in Siquijor and its quietude mix up well with the unspoiled beaches and stretches of fine white sands. There are coves and mangroves, and the coves are sometimes desolated as if it waited for you to reach there. As a lot has been supernaturally referred to this paradise island, only few exploited the natural bounty that Siquijor keeps, and while it joins the rest of spectacular island paradises in the Philippines, Siquijor remains world class.

Siquijor beach

A resort in Siquijor—Photo courtesy of Luwela's page on Flickr

When in Siquijor, people usually tell tales of witchcraft and witches as it has a long tradition of supernatural worship. But much of its reality is seen in the surroundings and the 102 kilometer of pure white sand set in a tropical panorama. The moment you arrive here you’ll surely learn loving its kind people and fascinating culture. Read more »

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Boracay: More than a Tropical Island Paradise

Wake up a morning beside white sand beach and a view of the low tide and sky: as if the sea and blue expanse merge from a view beside a swimming pool on one of the exceptional hotel resorts in this planet. That crack of dawn from the east is about to tell of a relaxing sunbath ahead and the gust signals a day vista of Paraws sailing through distant spaces speeding to the deeper waters. No wonder the beaches of Boracay are world famous and always will be a hotspot for foreign and local tourists when Philippines is talked about. That’s why when Boracay is your top list in a travel itinerary, you need some birds eye view to enjoy some of the cheap Boracay accommodations.

Sunset in Boracay

Beautiful sunset in Boracay—Photo courtesy of dEyv on Flickr

Getting to Boracay via air can be easy with daily flights from Manila to Caticlan, where the nearest airstrip is situated. From Caticlan, a short boat ride will take you to Boracay. Philippine Airlines (PAL), Cebu Pacific, and Zest Airways hold daily trips to Kalibo, Aklan. Kalibo is two-hour long bus ride to Caticlan. Prices may vary per season and can be available for reservation or inquiry on the Internet. If air travel is inconvenient, a ferry ride from Manila to Caticlan is available twice a week, which takes fifteen hours to get you to the ten square miles island located just in the middle of the famous tropical Philippine archipelago. Read more »

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Experience Wakeboarding at Camarines Sur Watersports Complex

One interesting spot for wakeboarding enthusiasts stirs sensation as more than watersports can do, and when Camarines Sur Watersports Complex is mentioned, you get the thrill in between your legs to start packing up for summer as you book your reservation on. This cool spot offers a 6-point cable ski system and reputed to be one of the worlds best wake boarding facilities.

Camarines Sur wakeboarding

Wakeboarding in Camarines Sur—Photo courtesy of roe on Flickr

Getting there from Manila won’t be any hassle. There are daily trips from Manila to Naga Airport and to Legaspi City which takes about 45 minutes. From that point Camarines Sur is easier by land travel. There are a lot of choices for quality hotel accommodation, and you can choose some closer to the complex: there are hotels a stroll away so you’ll have a chance to smell what sizzles of this top spot; Camarines Sur Watersports Complex itself offers Cabana Rentals so you’ll completely be around while adventure and fun is within reach. Read more »