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Monfront Bat Cave In Samal: Exploring The Dark World Of Bats

There are a lot of things people, both adult and children min you, hate about the dark. In the dark, people became helpless as one is deprive from the ability to see. On the other hand, there are also different creatures that only come alive during dark. One of these said creatures are bats. Bats are commonly being associated with darkness, evil, demons and even vampires. However, all of these are based from fictional works we read in books. Nonetheless, there are more to bats that meet the eye. And you can learn this by visiting Monfront Bat Cave In Samal.

Bat cave Samal

Monfort Bat Cave

Monfront Bat Cave In Samal is a tourist attraction wherein people can personally see hundreds of bats residing in every bat cave. Monfront Bat Cave In Samal has a total of 5 bat caves that are filled with an estimated amount of 1.8 million Geoffroy’s rousette fruit bats. This said enormous number is expected to increase as it was discovered that the female bats continue to be pregnant.

Basically, the Monfront Bat Cave In Samal popular nowdays and being visited by tourist is a private property owned by Norma Monfront. After discovering the numbe of bats residing in the caves seen inside the property, she decided to build and developed a bat center wherein people can personally see the said bats. And that’s how the Monfront Bat Cave In Samal came to be.

You Should Not Be Afraid of the Dark and of Bats

When planning to visit the Monfront Bat Cave In Samal, people need to travel as the place is located far away. Nonetheless, people need to worry as there are various means of transportation that people can avail when going to Monfront Bat Cave In Samal. Upon arriving, people are required to pay an entrance fee of PHP 20. After paying, people can now proceed with touring the place and going to the bat caves. Visitors and tourists need not to worry or be scared of the bats as they are fruit eating species. At the same time, these creatures are nocturnal being. With this, it means that bats are active during night time. However, to prevent disturbing their rest during the day, people must refrain from causing any sound. Disturbing the bats can result to them flying out of the cave which can be quite scary.

There is More to See Than the Bat Caves

By Monfront Bat Cave In Samal, people are able to see not only the bat caves. After going to the bat caves, people could also try visiting their bat exhibits. These said exhibits can be a great educational tour wherein people could learn more about bats in general. Aside from that, people could also visit the café, restaurant and lounge seen inside the vicinity.

Adopt-a-bat Program

A good advocate being promoted by the owner of Monfront Bat Cave In Samal is the program called Adopt–a–bat. By being involved with Adopt–a–bat program, people can donate a certain amount of money that ranges from $25, $50, $75 and $100. When you give this donation, you will be given a certificate. Aside from that, a tree will be named after you. There are various freebies that people can avail the moment they take part in this said advocate. In participating, people are giving an immense help in order for bats to be taken care of and protected.

Bats are basically like all creatures that deserve our attention. Other from being amazed with them, it is important that people must learn to take part in keeping them existing for years to come.

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