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Looking for a Camarines Sur Tour Package?

You can’t wait to see all splendor of sunup to sundown in Camarines Sur. The places to visit and the food joints that are always served with a special hospitality, become rare semblance of tourist destination you’ll repeatedly ask for in your vacation time. It is best to see top Camarines Sur tourist destinations that you won’t doubt places to go or wait in a road for a vehicle to take you to the breathtaking adventures in an expensive price. You can sit and relax. Choose among our top choices for Camarines Sur tour package.

Matukad Island

Matukad Island, Camarines Sur—Photo courtesy of rgabianojr on flickr

Your Caramoan tour package starts at the arrival at Pili airport, to jump off points until Caramoan, by lunch. Expect that after lunch a sailing tour around the island vistas can make your Camera shutter haste. Try stopping off at pristine white beaches and spend the night there for a simple tropical dish prepared by local cooks. By sunup you trip back to the resort. Heads to the Deer farm at the foot of Mt. Isarog. Have a lunch at the Bamboo farm to see different varieties of bamboo and enjoy listening to the sound of nature relaxing your mind. After this cool treat, you go wakeboarding or sightseeing at the water sports complex of Camarines Sur. You can spend a night there to enjoy meeting different kinds of trippers and see people or drink and dine. Your day 3 is a trip back to Pili airport passing Pili Biggs Diner for breakfast. This Camarines Sur tour package is very reasonable with all the nice accommodations, includes all transfers, accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch, boat fare, entrance fees, tour guide services, government taxes.

Another Camarines Sur tour Package, starts an all air-conditioned Caramoan Accommodation. Clients can choose among Villa Juliana Inn Accommodation, this hotel type accommodation is open until four persons only. The location is overlooking the marble mountains. Rex tourist Inn accommodation is located at the town center where there is a simple restaurant and an Internet café. They also have air conditioned rooms that can accommodate up to 4 persons. Beach and Cave accommodation (Cabana), is an air-conditioned accommodation that is just a walking distance from the beach. All land transfers are also covered. With island hopping tour to Matukad island, Lajos island, Tinago clave, Minalgos Island/cave, Sabitang Laya, Bageing, Cotivas Island, Lahuy Island clusters of beaches. There is also a swimming at the Caramoan beaches, as it is known for its white sand. And there is more…Visit caves, Our Lady of Peace Tabgon, Tayak Lagoon and Bulangbugang underground freshwater caves. Camarines Sur gives you an array of routes passing through massive limestone walls for extreme sports enthusiasts. The two islands of Buhi, with 6 waterfalls, 12 lakes, 14 rivers, 15 springs, and the well known Lake Buhi rising at 300 feet above sea level; a lovely picturesque surrounding mountains standing a thousand feet high with the western shore bordered by the remains of the Iriga Volcano eruption. Also voted as the one among the Philippines’ cleanest lakes and home to one of the world’s smallest fish called Sinarapan (Pandaca Pygmea).

In your reasonably priced Camarines Sur tour package, tourists almost spend half of their time taking photos of the natural formations and the breathtaking places about in the island. They also click and have fun with dolphins, or deer, and other friendly animals found in their excursions. The finest places capture memories, shared with people and inviting some more coming to this paradise islands. A lot of tourists too had seen the Survivor series that’s been filmed in the well-favored islands of Caramoan. So they prepare camping equipments feeling they too are drifted to one of its virgin islands and experience the desolation. But before things can get truly be exciting in your Camarines Sur tour package, first aid kits are helpful in case there are accidents for there are no hospitals that can easily be accessed in the islands. Since there aren’t enough drinking water in your trips, hopping from an island to another, you can bring bottled water too. Higher Spf sunscreen is also advisable since Philippines is a tropical country and temperature may get 39 degree Celsius.

The KAOGMA festival sets Camarines Sur ablaze during summer as it is dubbed as the “World’s hottest Festival” that runs for days every May 20 to 28. This grandest celebration in the Bicol Region translates to “happiness” as being meant by the local vernacular Kaogma. As of 2005, this annual festival has been using the chili pepper or “sili” as its symbolism to represent the hot, spicy, and flavorful cuisine of the province. Some other things to do in your Camarines Sur tour package, under the nice sun and into the grooves of the bay side, you can paddle a kayak or check the underwater life and Scuba dive in any of the six Caramoan islands. The aqua lovers will surely be captivated by the diversity and colors. The pristine waters is more than a testament of its virginity, and Eden-like milieu. Your island hopping to all six paradises Lahuy, Cotivas, Guinahuan, Luksuhin, Malibagon, and Masag, each adventure takes you to another height of experience. Rocky land masses, limestone cliff elevations to be conquered. From atop hills and mountains, enjoy the majesty of view. This is and always be the best place to escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. And truly earth’s one natural treasure, don’t let pass your Camarines Sur tour experience.

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