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List of Popular Beach Resorts in Bohol

Majestic beaches in the tropical Philippines are surely worth visiting. And speaking of an island paradise with abundant natural wonders that suits your holiday getaway, the world famous Bohol in the southern region of Visayas counts one key attraction. It is home to the already famed Chocolate Hills, imposing beaches, a lot of churches and antiquities that date back from the Spanish era. Bohol is also home to the Tarsier, one among the world’s smallest primate. Its chain of islands in the area entices divers and other sun lovers.

Your next vacation would definitely be incomplete if you miss one of Bohol Beach Resorts. Bohol’s clean white sands and crystal clear calm waters would definitely add a lot of beach activities in your stay, as Bohol is blessed with exceptional beaches that typify sun-drenched bliss. You’ll surely love to stay long under the sun in Bohol’s beaches.

Bohol Beach

A white sand beach in Panglao, Bohol—Photo courtesy of gino.mempin on Flickr

Make sure to bring your diving gear or at least paraphernalia for snorkeling when in Panglao Island. Dotted with resorts and dive spots, Panglao is famous for its seaside ease, reefs, and dive sites. A stroll during heavenly sunsets soothes weary thoughts in Panglao, and its surely waiting for you. Here are glimpses of what’s in for your Bohol escapade.

Alona Beach
With thirty resorts and fifteen diving centers, Alona Beach is well known for its restaurants having an alfresco set up. Serving grilled dishes where guests sit on chairs on tables laid out on the sand is just fascinating with someone special.

Alona Dream
Alona is a resort with twenty seven double room with ten rooms situated in the longhouse. It has eight deluxe rooms located in a building. All rooms are air-conditioned. It has a restaurant and pool. This resort is also Wi-Fi equipped.

Alona Ville Resort
The rustic cottages of this resort design are for rent. Its room can accommodate at least five persons. The rates are affordable because the rooms only use electric fans, with one bathroom for each room. The unique pool of this resort is connected to some small caves. It also has a bar named Tom and Gerry’s Bar that serves drinks and different local dishes.

Aquatica Beach Resort
This one of Bohol Beach Resorts has six air-conditioned rooms and ten with a fan. Aquatica also has a restaurant serving local meals. A diving shop that caters diving lesson is also available in Aquatica Beach Resort.

Beach Rock Café
Located on the right side of the Alona beach, this resort has seven rooms with a private bathroom and fans.

Charlotte Divers Resort
This resort is co-owned by Koreans. It’s closer to the shore of the western side of Alona beach with affordable standard rooms. There are air conditioned suites equipped with all the standard amenities like private shower, kitchen, television and telephone. There are air-conditioned bungalow rooms categorized as family, standard and deluxe.

Dumuluan Beach
At the southern and remote tip of Panglao Island is a world class shoreline and true amazing water of Dumaluan Beach. Although few tourists ever find out of its wonders, it continues to keep its serene and natural ambiance superb. There are palm trees in the shoreline musing the Bohol Sea and a fine white powdery texture of sand you could feel right from your soles. The abundant coral reefs underwater are breathtaking.

This one of a kind among Bohol Beach Resorts is also a world class dive spot. It is also frequented by whales, dolphins, and whale sharks. Costs range anywhere from Php 1,750 or $35 per night per 2 persons, to Php 30,000 or $600 a night with a maximum of 8 persons. Some have lower rates.

Bikini Beach
Bikini Beach is popular among Boholanos, a perfect location for family gatherings, picnics, and fun water activities. Postcard-perfect scenery: lush green complements a white sand, calm cool waters, and lovely sun that remains intact in this resort although weekenders and trippers visit this often because of its affordability.

Momo Beach
Momo Beach is also considered as virgin haven. Rarely explored and quite far from the hustle and bustle of civilization, that only real blooded adventurers are determined enough to take the long ride, they are also the ones who can boast about the Momo Beach experience. Currently Momo Beach can be considered underdeveloped. There are no notable resorts or restaurants built in the area. But top among the list why Momo Beach is frequented is its underwater wonders. Its breathing life underwater truly attracts divers.

Doljo Beach
This beach is a postcard-worthy place with three-kilometer stretch of white sand beach goodness. There is also a sloped diving site makes for very interesting sea adventures, and out of the water you will surely have a great time of the vista of tall coconut trees that enhances the tropical appeal. There are huts, cottages, and benches to serve the visitors. Notable places are Ananyana Beach Resort, the Palm Island Resort, and the Muro-Ami Seaside. Each of those three resorts offers a different brand of service and a different brand of comfort. It is up to you to choose which kind of relaxation are you for. The resorts that can around Doljo Beach may not be luxurious compare to other parts of Bohol but they provide nice shelter for those who truly value it.
Doljo Beach is one white sand beach that Bohol has up its sleeves.

Laya Beach
One hitting the top ranks of Bohol Beach Resorts is the tranquil Laya Beach in Baclayon. Bohol. This place affords what an unspoiled seaside experience should be. Visitors, vacationers, swimmers, picnickers, and others as desperate as we are in getting away from it all and seeking refuge in nature swarm Laya Beach on weekends and still remains awesome and immaculate unwinding destination.

From Laya Beach we may also decide to drop by special places on Panglao Island or in Tagbilaran—like the mysterious Hinagdanan Cave or Pamilacan Island. Most Laya Beach vacationers troop to adjacent tourist sites after a cool plunge at the shorelines. There are “roving cooks” at Laya Beach who offer to cook sea foods exactly as we want them. Room rates are often $15 to $20 per person and this is inclusive of all meals plus good swim access. A cozy cottage right at the seashore for shed and eating purposes (not lodging) a $5 for the whole day can do. Lunch for each person is about $5 or a bit more. To name a few lodges with restaurants in the vicinity of Laya Beach: there’s Bohol Coconut Palms Resort, Casa Villa Tourist Inn, and the HTS Lodge all in Laya, Baclayon; and Alberto’s Place in Sta . Cruz, Baclayon.

Anda Beach
With its long strait of white sands and crystal blue waters, Anda Beach does not feature any kind of marine life offshore. There are no disturbances of forms that can be found in its long stretch of powdery sanded beach. The sands are purely, sands. A stretch of buildings and a church paves the way to the public beach, devoid of any obstruction, and upon entering Anda Beach the countless coconut palm trees that further the tropical appeal of the place welcomes you. For those who can pay less for travel, Anda Beach’s bigger part is public, an ideal getaway you’ll surely love.

Kaingit Beach
Considered to be the safest beach of your Bohol Beach Resorts, this secluded and naturally protected shoreline is surrounded by natural barriers and enclosed in a cove for the waves to be calm even in tough weather. On the east is the whole island of Bohol, protecting it from the intermittent north easterly winds. On the south is Panglao Island; west of this long island strip is Cebu; and north is joint protrusion of Bood and Maribojoc. On weekend the island is flocked by weekend trippers who are seeking the relaxing waves and Mother Nature.

Kaingit is unpopular among non residents of Tagbilaran. Online maps about Tagbilaran and Bohol-localized map versions of the coastal locality of Bohol—do not include much about Kaingit Beach. Some online articles merely mention it in passing. But now efforts are to boost its tourist potentiality.
Kaingit Beach is not yet that popular among non-residents of Tagbilaran. In fact, online maps on Tagbilaran and Bohol—even localized map versions of each coastal locality of Bohol—do not indicate Kaingit Beach specifically. Online write-up features merely mention it in passing. But the government has stepped in to improve and manage the site to develop it into a better tourist beach destination. Dolphin and Whale watching for 4 can cost $30 per person. Island hopping for 4 costs about $20 per person. Some visitors to Kaingit Beach also drop by Panglao Island and Hinagdanan Cave in close by Dauis, in Panglao, about 20 minutes from Tagbilaran.

Imelda Beach
A vacation experience with a good amount of privacy at a beach location is unique to Imelda Beach. Among the Bohol Beach Resorts, this hideaway located in the town of Dimiao, boasts a long white sand and rich green shrubberies. The full 40-kilometer travel is full of rustic scenes, simple life, thick foliage, and views of the coast that prepare us for leisurely swims and restful contemplations at Imelda Beach.
A lodging resort at Imelda Beach is Kayla’a Beach Resort right. Boarding costs range from $40 to $60 a night, fully air conditioned, with modern amenities and classy facilities. The price includes breakfast for two. Suite rooms are available at $65 with more stylish amenities, like a Jacuzzi. Kayla’a Beach Resort also has a classy restaurant.

Lintauan Beach
Lintuan Beach is immaculate with its white sand and emerald pristine waters that bare a portion of the deep even at shallow waters. We can enjoy a great deal of white sand here with Lintuan Beach’s long stretch of coastal line. The gentle waters at the shore are safe for children
Accommodations cost somewhere from $75 to $310 per two persons per night. Some offer extravagant features and amenities and charge $500 to $3500 per room. But the beauty and allurement of Lintuan Beach make all such expenses worth it.

A unique feature of your Bohol Beach Resorts rests on the quietude, mostly hideaways from the normal cycles of everyday city life. Here are picture perfect and postcard perfect resorts that are not expensive with a variety of price tags to suit luxury and affordability of your vacation.

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