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Kayaking in Cebu: An Adventure Every Traveler Should Never Miss

There are various means in which you can go around Cebu. You can ride taxis and local jeepneys. But have you tried going around by Kayaking? If you are tired of the usual tourist tours being offered when going to Cebu, then you can be adventurous by trying Kayaking instead.

Kayaking in Cebu

Kayaking in Cebu—Photo courtesy of dEyv on Flckr

Cebu can be considered as one of the key cities in the Philippines. This said city consists of different beautiful islands. Visiting Cebu is never complete without you personally seeing the said islands. Nonetheless, traveling from one island to another is only possible by means of boat rides. These boat rides can be quite tiring which discourages tourists to visit the other islands. However, there is a better transportation alternative that tourist could try. Kayaking in Cebu is an activity tourists can engage into. With kayaking, people are able to go around the various islands of Cebu. Nonetheless, before one could try this adventurous activity, it is important that people aware of certain facts in order for the trip to be safe and worthwhile.

What is Kayaking?

Kayaking is an active activity done in any body of water, specifically the sea. Kayaking is done with the use of a canoe and a double ended paddle. People can engage in either sea kayaking or white water kayaking. In sea kayaking, people are able to go around in the calm waters of the sea. However, on the other hand, white water kayaking involves big and rough rapids that are commonly seen in rivers. Going to both sea and white water kayaking involve certain safety precautions. Nonetheless, it is one of the water activities people who are adventurous at heart loves to try over and over again.

Why choose Kayaking in Cebu?

So, why go kayaking in Cebu? Well, Cebu is a great site wherein people can go kayaking. Cebu is an island surrounded by large body of water. People who plan to go kayaking in Cebu will have a great time as one is given the opportunity to have an adventure while witnessing the unique marine resources. Aside from touring the island in a different perspective when going kayaking in Cebu, people can also see various marine life and resources seen underwater.

Kayaking sites that you can visit

When tourists decide to go kayaking in Cebu, people can avail of numerous packages being offered. These said packages offer kayaking lessons as well as gears and tours. There are certain tours that enable people to visit other islands and stop over at some beaches. These kayaking tours are also being promoted by the Department of Tourism in the Philippines. In terms of places to visit, there are different kayaking sites that are safe for people to explore. These kayaking sites include Mactan, Gilutungan and Olango. When kayaking at Olango, people can experience a kayak ride going through the beautiful and unique mangrove jungle. Aside from enjoying the view, people could also have rest from all the paddling and take some dip into the waters.

Indeed, kayaking in Cebu is a great experience that people could personally enjoy. It can be an excellent opportunity to reflect and appreciate the beauty of Cebu while paddling along the clear and clean waters of the sea.

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