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It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Knowing What Philippines Has to Offer

“It’s more fun in the Philippines” is the popular slogan being advocated by the Philippine Government. This slogan entices both foreign and local tourists to visit the various islands in the Philippines. Nonetheless, there are different elements which could make the tourists prove that indeed “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

Enjoy Authentic “Jeepney” Ride

Philippine Jeep

Philippine Jeep—Photo courtesy of brdavid on Flickr

It is true that Philippines boast of numerous tourists spots. However, before exploring the distant islands, it is better to enjoy the capital city which is Manila. Going around the bustling and busy streets of Manila can be conveniently done by taking different forms of transportation available such as taxis, trains and the like. But then, in order to have a great Manila experience, don’t miss the chance to ride an authentic jeepney. Jeepney is the public form of transportation being used by almost all locals in the country. Aside from it is cheap and fun, riding a jeepney will give you an opportunity to see the different streets and landmarks in a certain city.

Halo–halo and Balut, anyone?


halo-halo—Photo courtesy of Mon Solo on Flickr

Trying the local cuisine must be on top of the list of the things you should do in the Philippines. These delicious and unique cuisines can be considered one of the resons why “It’s more fun in the Philippines”. Because Philippines is a tropical country, one could expect a warm weather. During times like this, it is best to enjoy a cold dessert being served in the Philippines called “Halo – halo”. This refreshing dessert consists of shaved ice, beans, some fruits and leche flan which is then poured with generous amount of milk.

Philippine Balut

Aside from the “halo–halo”, your Philippine cuisine experience will never be complete without having a taste of “Balut”. “Balut” is an exotic delicacy known for its aphrodisiac properties.

Riding the Philippine Waves

Philippines is also considered as a paradise for adventurers. There are various extreme sports, including water, land and air, which tourists can enjoy while in the Philippines. Nowadays, Philippines is becoming considered one of the popular hot spots for wake boarding as well as surfing enthusiasts.

Being surrounded by bodies of water, people can expect great waves dominating the Philippine shores. At the same time, locals are fond of water activities that paved way to the development of other aquatic sports like surfing and wake boarding. Tourists can visit places such as CamSur, Siargao Islands, Puraran Beach in Catanduanes, Cemento Beach in Aurora and a lot more.

Feeling the Boracay Heat

Shangri-La Boracay Resort

Shangri-La Boracay Resort—Photo courtesy of JR Lo on Flickr

If surfing and wake boarding is not your thing, why not simply enjoy the beaches by having a swim. Among the various breathtaking beaches in the Philippines, Boracay is the hailed as the best. No one can deny the captivating clear blue waters and white sand shore line that Boracay has to offer to its visitors.

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