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How to Enjoy the Expensive Alamid Coffee in the Philippines

It is safe to say that almost all people in the world are coffee lover by heart.

This fact is true considering that people would love to drink a cup of hot coffee every morning. You can feel different warmth once the aroma of coffee reaches your nostrils. Indeed, this is one of the sensations people enjoy every time they take a sip of delicious coffee. However, would the feeling and experience be the same if one is to drink the expensive Alamid coffee in the Philippines?

Alamid coffee

Alamid coffee—Photo courtesy of Rayts

Indeed, people would pay great amount of money in order to enjoy quality and delicious coffee available in cafes. But then, it would be a different story when it comes to Alamid coffee in the Philippines. This specific coffee doesn’t not only cost too much but it is considered as the most expensive coffee in the world. With this, people would come to wonder what’s special with this coffee that earned it the said title. Well, wonder no more, as this article will try to let you understand the nature and worth of the infamous Alamid coffee in the Philippines.

What’s the Buzz with Alamid Coffee?

Alamid coffee is a coffee concoction that came from a unique source. Alamid coffee in the Philippines is also known as “Civet Coffee” to other countries. This said coffee is made from ordinary coffee bean that undergone a special digestive process. Unlike other coffee, Alamid coffee in the Philippines is known for its unique and extraordinary taste. As accounted by other coffee lovers who had taken the opportunity to drink this coffee, Alamid coffee doesn’t have any bitter taste which makes it palatable and appealing to the taste buds.

What made this coffee special?

With its expensive price, people would think that this coffee may have some gold in it. However, this coffee is special simply because of how uniquely it is being produced. Alamid coffee in the Philippines is made from droppings of Palm Civet or locally known as “Alamid”. This nocturnal animal is carnivorous by nature. But then, they have a certain liking with sweet fruits, such as the red cherries of the coffee plant. These red cherries contain the coffee beans. Once ingested by the “Alamid”, the beans will be digested. After the digestion process, the beans will be eliminated together with the feces. It will appear as clustered beans covered with droppings. These clustered beans will then be washed and then sun dried before being made into Alamid coffee.

Is Alamid Coffee worth the price?

Basically, a kilogram of Alamid coffee beans would cost around 115 dollars and this value is still subject to change depending on the demand and supply. Indeed, this amount is not cheap. However, you can say that this amount is just right considering how difficult it is to acquire the said coffee beans. Finding these said coffee beans would entail one to go to the mountains where the “Alamid” resides. The challenging part is finding the coffee beans amidst trees and other plants that grow in the mountain.

Nonetheless, no matter how expensive it may be, coffee lovers would still want to have a taste of this special coffee. For interested individuals who want to have a sip of this coffee, people can check out various coffee shops that offer special coffee concoctions. At the same time, there are also commercially packed Alamid coffee beans being sold in certain specialty stores.


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