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Hilot: Uniquely Philippine Made

Throughout the years, the practice of hilot has been shadowed by secrecy and mystery. Philippine hilot is a native massage practice that makes use of touch, rubbing movements and heat in order to relieve the body from negative energies. This negative energy would lead to imbalance in the body that can result to development of illnesses. In general, hilot also makes use of natural elements such as herbal plants, leaves and even stones.

However, there are various researches done to understand the logic and science behind the practice of hilot. It is said that hilot make use of the principle of controlling the present electrical charges in the body. Through the use of touch as well as medium deep tissue massage, electrical balance can be achieved. With this, physical wellness can be experienced by any person who undergone hilot.



Pamper your body and soul
Being a type of massage, most people would perceive hilot as a form of relaxation technique. By enjoying a good hilot, people can expect to feel light and calm. Most people would like to enjoy a good hilot massage after a week of work in the office. Nonetheless, hilot is also recommended for people who would just want to promote holistic health of both body and soul.

This is possible as the touch and massage being provided during hilot are able to relieve whatever tension one’s body has. Nonetheless, aside from relaxation, hilot is said to have some spiritual effect on the body. People can experience inner peace and calmness the moment tension is taken of.

Curing your body
Indeed, hilot is truly dynamic as it goes beyond taking care of the superficial aspect of the body such as the skin, muscles and tendons. At the same time, hilot also targets nerve and pressure points. Once affected point is identified, appropriate amount of pressure is applied in order to remove any tension. Because of this property, hilot has been used by many natives as a way to cure body pains as well as other illnesses. In the earlier times, hilot is being identified with the local shamans and healers in the community.

Modern Practice Of Philippine Hilot
Though its origin dated way back in the early centuries, the practice of hilot continues to live on until now. There are various modern spas and relaxation centers that offer authentic hilot. Aside from that, hilot is being considered as one of the highlights being offered to tourists visiting Philippines.

Indeed, having sixty to ninety minutes of relaxing hilot massage is a treat that no one should ever miss.

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