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Have a Taste of Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City

Aside from the beautiful destinations that people visits, the cuisines being identified in the said locality is also worth trying and exploring. Your whole vacation will never be complete until you are able to enjoy and have a taste of the various dishes that are uniquely being cooked and prepared on the place where you are visiting. This same principle applies to tourists who are visiting the place of Zamboanga City. Notable dishes and meals that people should try are Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City.

Ginataang alimango

Ginataang alimango—Photo courtesy of sugarlace website

Due to the fact that the City of Zamboanga is being surrounded by bodies of water, people can expect that it is rich in various forms of seafood. Unlike the usual seafood you enjoy in other places, people can be assured that the fishes, crabs as well as shrimps being sold in Zamboanga market are fresh out of the sea. At the same time, the prices are a lot cheaper compared to seafood being sold in commercial groceries seen in city proper.

By having these abundant resources, no wonder people can enjoy Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City.

Choosing every kind of seafood you want

In terms of enjoying Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City, people need to choose among a wide selection of fish, shrimps, crabs and the like. By choosing the kind of seafood you want, people will be able to enjoy a wide selection of seafood. When it comes to tasting local dishes, such as Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City, tourists and visitors must learn to be adventurous. In doing so, people will not miss any opportunity to taste delicious dishes that defines the culture and tradition of a specific locality you are visiting.

Enjoy a good serving of Ginataang Alimango

Indeed, there are different kinds of Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City. For starters, tourists and visitors could have a taste of the most popular Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City – the Ginataang Alimango. Ginataang Alimango is a local dish wherein fresh crabs are seasoned and cooked in coconut milk. This dish is being cooked over a time until the coconut milk simmers and sip inside the crabs.

Aaside from enjoying Ginataang Alimango as it is, the locals also add a special ingredient to this Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City. Ginataang Alimango is given a new twist by adding the popular “Alavar sauce”. This
“Alavar sause” is a special sauce made by a known restaurant in Zamboanga City. “Alavar sauce” is basically made out of crab fats which can be quite tasty.

Eating grilled seafood like no other

After enjoying a good serving of Ginataang Alimango, people could also try eating grilled seafood. This grilled seafood can be enjoyed over a hot cup of rice or even as it is – depending on one’s preference. Grilled seafood is being offered in almost all restaurants seen in Zamboanga. However, it can be more fun to enjoy this hot and delicious grilled seafood while witnessing the sun set in Paseo del Mar.

Curacha Zamboanga

Curacha—Photo courtesy of ainarasul blogsite

Complete your visit by savoring a dish of Curacha

To complete your whole seafood experienced in Zamboanga City, every tourists and visitors must enjoy a dish of “Curacha”. “Curacha” is special crab specie that can only be seen in the waters of Zamboanga City. It is said that this crab specie can have more meat compared to the usual crabs that we enjoy. This is true considering that it can come in bigger sizes. Visitors can enjoy delicious “Curacha” dishes by checking out various restaurants.

Unique Seafood Delicacies in Zamboanga City is one of the tourist attractions that people can take time enjoying and exploring. Indeed, there are various dishes that visitors can eat aside from the unique and tasty seafood meals. With this, do your researches prior to having your food trip session. By doing so, people will not be able to miss any delicious dishes while having a vacation in Zamboanga City.

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