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Gota Village Resort: A Perfect Ecotourism Destination

A vacation can be a gift of renewing the weary spirit and also seeing from the descent the sun and white sand in the splendor of the mornings and afternoons with the weather coming and a blue sea like no other with the clusters of island gleaming, desolately inviting some active discover that you are. In Gota Beach Resort Camarines Sur, you’d only hear the traffic of birds chirping, a silence you’d wish to cover your ears or the intermittent sound of pump boats from afar, fading, gives you a feeling of a plunge into its virgin beach like it was discovered the moment you cast your firsts steps.

Gota Village Resort

Gota Village Resort—Photo courtesy of yoodz on Flickr

If you have taken that 10 hour bus ride from Manila to Naga City or that hour plane trip, you have to take that brief travel to Sabang too, where you have to take a boat to Guihalo port. At guihalo port Caramoan is a short jeepney ride to the town proper and just a tricycle ride away to Gota Beach Resort Camarines Sur. Don’t be surprised of the natural landscape with the Cabanas clustered at the mountainside, connected by white patterned footpaths makes you reflect an unforgettable place that you had dreamed of from the past and finally you’re up on its very ground: a dream come true. Fulfilled? Well there’s a lot…the name Gota itself represents the milky white sand in this beach, located just in the Caramoan Peninsula in Camarines Sur. It is famous before and now since it’s the jump-off point to the island hopping tours to Lahuy and Matukad islands.

The nearby islets also have secret coves if you wish to have a private moment for yourself or your beautiful partner. And some things must happen, take a picture maybe, or explore caves, just simply state your own grace as you are.

Gota Village Resort

Gota Village Resort—Photo courtesy of Sirbikesaton on Flickr

It is easier to book an accommodation when going to Gota. Your desired island hopping trip can be more adventurous too. But if you are unprepared, the rest of the materials can be rented at the Caramoan Municipal hall. This serves well while the locals troop Gota Beach resort at weekends. If you are a creature longing to relax, it is advised to stay on weekdays at Gota Beach Resort Camarines Sur. The locals love singing with videoke, drinking, and laughters but that suits your understanding of the culture and the lore even if these caterwauling hours last until the evenings without missing the fun and hospitality each of whom you meet at the Gota Beach Resort Camarines Sur.

Whether you’re done wakeboarding at Camarines Sur watersports complex or writing some good stuff at the Ecovillage, your retreat deserves a solemn day at Gota. This part of 347 hectare Caramoan National Park mesmerizes you with its two coves, the smaller South Gota Beach which connect the town road and the Bigger Gota beach that serves as the jump-off points to other islands. So if you find your way lost, from the thick vegetation of limestone cliffs to the astounding, heavenly draped ecosystems, Gota Beach Resort Camarines Sur can be traced from the beach line as a perfect white spot of the coves.

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