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Getting to Know More About Boracay Island

Over the years, the beaches in Boracay continue to surprise vacationers from the places and resorts to the latest (invented) fun and leisure activities happening in the island paradise. It earned the reputation of the “tourist capital of the Philippines” because of the wide variety of accommodation that it offers starting from class A resorts with world class service to the budget ones for those who are wanted to spend less for their escapade. Truly, now that it has proven to be a gem of the tourism industry of the country, let us look into the sights and sound of the beaches in Boracay.

Boracay Beach

A white sand beach in Boracay—Photo courtesy of Frances Billano on Flickr

The island is seven kilometers long, one to four kilometers wide and is divided into three Barangays (communities)—Yapak in the north, Balabag in the center and Manoc Manoc in the south. Its world famous beaches start with fine white sand that inspires a crystal clear saltwater. It has been voted as the most beautiful beach in the world last 2007 by Yahoo Travel. The two main and largest beaches in Boracay are White Beach in the west and Bulabog Beach in the east of the island. There are approximately eight thousand local residents in the island, majority speaks Filipino and are fluent in English. People in Boracay live primarily on tourism as their main source of income since 1980′s.

Getting around the island of Boracay is never complicated. Motorized tricycles are excellent means of transportation with fares that are usually reasonable. A lot of vacationers prefer independence and rent instead of a motorbike (scooter) or mountain bike. Rental rates can be hourly, daily, or weekly. Since almost all streets are paved in the island, it is compulsory to wear helmet when riding scooters; such a ride takes you breathtaking landscapes, fabulous people, and different tastes of dishes.

Since there are a lot of service providers along the beaches in Boracay, a big selection of water sport activities are offered. Plenty of restaurants for an island dining indulgence, bars for nightlife and disco hubbub, clothing shops for the fashion conscious, massage studios for relaxation and sunbath, guest houses that line the promenade to compete with hotels.

The North-East monsoon (Amihan) from November to May and the South-West monsoon (Habagat) from June to October comprise the weather in Boracay. Due to climate change, it is unpredictable now as to the safest time to cross the sea and reach Boracay, but there are weather forecasts that surely make your schedule trips to and from the island paradise. It has been said that the best time to visit Boracay is from November to April. Temperatures are between 25 degrees Celsius and 32 degrees Celsius and it is mostly dry and apart from rain showers. June to October is known as the rainy season, but in such a season there can be days without rain and going to the beaches in Boracay can be fun too. The hottest time of the year is from May until mid-July, temperatures can reach up to 38 degrees Celsius. But the whole year round tourists swell its number to treat themselves of the wonders of the beaches in Boracay.

Here are lists of some famous beach resorts in Boracay:

Resorts and Hotels in Boracay Island, Alice in Wonderland Resort Hotel, Regency Beach Resort, Club Panoly, Club Ten Beach Resort, Cocomangas Beach Resort, Crystal Sand Resort, Friday’s Resort, Fairways and Blue Waters Hotel, Gold Crowne Club Resort, Le Soleil de Boracay, Pink, Patio Resort, Pearl of the Pacific, Jony’s Resort, Lorenzo Hotels (Grand Villa, Main Beach & South Beach), Nigi Nigi Hotel, Nami Private Villas Resort, Paradise Garden Resort, Pearl of the Pacific Resort, Pink Patio Resort, Red Coconut Resort, Seawind Resort, Sandcastles Beach Resort, Seraph Resort, Terraces Hotel, True Home Hotel Resort, Willy’s Beach Resort, Waling Waling Beach Resort, and 357 Boracay Resort.

Popular pubs and bars:

Red Pirates Pub, Bom Bom Bar, Cocomangas Shooter Bar, Pier One Bar, Danska Bar, Alfon’s Bar and Grill, Wahine Beach Bar, Summer Place, Hey Jude!, Club Ten Bistro Bar, Bazzura, Jony’s Bar and Restaurant, Kurt’s, Pat’s Creek Bar, The Floating Bar, Insider’s Tip, Luna Negra, The Bar at Mango Ray Boracay Resort, Charlh’s Bar, The Wreck Bar, and Sundown Bar

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