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Four Amazing Places to Stay in Camiguin

Getting to Camiguin is hassle-free when you start from Cagayan de Oro City. Just at the Macabalan Port a fast craft (Paras Sea Cat) will take you to this exciting island in two hours, arriving at the Benoni Wharf. If you’re not in a hurry, you can take a bus ride to Balingoan which is about two hours and a half, and take a ferry ride to Benoni Wharf in an hour travel. Arriving at this port on, you’d see vistas and natural formations of rocks and slopes, not much to see of its urban life but a customary tropical convenience you can feel the moment you disembark a pleasurable ride up to here, more so that it begins a Camiguin island experience.

Camiguin Island Beach

Panoramic View of Camiguin—Photo courtesy of gogo159 on Flickr

Finding a perfect spot for your vacation is not at all a problem. However, there is a bit of expense to hire a vehicle to take you to places and see the rest of the tourist sites in this island. If your alone or with a partner, check something cheaper like renting an automatic four stroke motorcycle and you can explore the rest of Camiguin with wheels rolling at your desire.
To start your perfect pick, Secret Cove Beach Resort and Restaurant offers a lot of interesting things aside from keeping your accommodation well and dining experience superb. It is approximately 6 kilometers away from Mambajao and 4 kilometers to the airport, facing the Mindanao Sea with 1 Acre of landscape. Because the atmosphere is home type your accommodation is reasonable. With a wide range of menu on the selection list from local to imported dishes. Secret Cove Beach Resort and Restaurant also owns the best stocked bar in the island, and also home to Johnny’s Dive & Fun. So dive, fun, eat your heart out, enjoy the amenities rent a kayak or boat or surf the web at the bamboo gazebo watching the mist of the bay in the morning. This Camiguin Island accommodation you should not miss.

Bahay-Bakasyunan sa Camiguin captivates your idea of natural treat, quietude, and privacy. A view of the landscapes and impressive seascapes with the lovely sand and sun makes it all perfect for your relaxation. A private stride to see its secluded waterfall revitalizes your soul. Its seafood is perfect for a bottle of white wine plus the bar and grill serves food warm. Diving, water sports, or go to neighboring White island or Mantigue island to take a dip of saltwater. Visit the Cabana Spa for spiritual bliss. Truly amazing this Camiguin island Accommodation includes packages to see more of the island’s beauty and natural wonder.

Caves Dive Resort is a seaside garden oasis set in a astoundingly landscaped tropical garden in Agoho, just across the white island. Because of its location and spellbinding surroundings, its guests can enjoy the beachfront, sun, and natural beauty. Its full service restaurant offers local dishes and international cuisine that’s been dubbed as “the best” in the island so far. There’s a dive shop to suit dive enthusiast to see undersea the wonders that make Camiguin a great island, so this Camiguin island accommodation offers you the best staff to attend your needs, plus they offer discounts on guests reserving online.

The Golden Sunset Beach Club is a perfect spot to see the golden bursts of the sun submerge as the day cools off and waits for another and at a distance is the white island shining up to last until dusk comes it fades. There’s a wide culinary choices from Asian spice tricks to European tender treats. A pool is available if in case you need freshwater dip plus beach front terraced cottages. This Camiguin island accommodation has a function room and private gardens where parties and events are held. There are tour packages also to see more of the sights and sounds of Camiguin Island for your grand vacation.

A lot more of your stay, from the less expensive to top class, your Camiguin Island Accommodation spells out more than just sun and sand but also excitement born out of the several activities that happens only in Camiguin island. In Camiguin, your four amazing accommodations beat the lists as it offers you more than a simple stay.

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