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Five Unforgettable Spots of Siquijor Island

The sun is about to set with a yellowish red color beaming to the clouded afternoon sky the time you wanted to take a click on your camera, thinking how bounty blessed this paradise is. As for the all you can eat seafood buffet, mouthwatering—nonetheless. But your vacation can also be a walk through history as ancient cathedrals and convents and centuries old colonial houses remain well kept throughout time here.

Siquijor Waterfalls

Siquijor Waterfalls—Photo courtesy of hn on Flickr

The white sand shoreline tucked in a cove with inexpensive room accommodation is truly perfect with tours too around the island’s landmarks. You might also be interested to see butterflies in Mount Bandilaan Butterfly Sanctuary and Tree Park, observing these delicate but colorful creatures makes you want to play with them, for sure. And Kambugahay Falls in Lazi might refresh you out after a tiring trek among these magnificent spots.

In 1978 Siquijor has been declared as a marine reserve. Its untouched marine wildlife beckons divers and conservationists to explore more of its secrets undersea, and since underneath its inviting waters are rainbows of lives: Parrotfish, damselfish, Lapu-lapu, and sharks—name it to suit your diving interest in the reefs of Siquijor Attractions. Coco groove and Kiwi dive resort are two dive resorts you can find in Siquijor.

Whether from Dumaguete, Cebu, or Bohol, a short boat ride will take you to your Siquijor Attractions. As much as it would enchant you or hold you a bit longer, whether a witch of sort cast a spell on a mesmerized traveler as you are; you’ll definitely seek a way back to this paradise as did every year for diving enthusiasts flocking to ports of the well preserved natural wonders undersea that needs attention from the world as it deserves the fame.

1. The Church and Bell Tower of St. Francis of Assisi was built on 1870. Made up of corals, its located within the town of Siquijor close to the local pier giving visitors a first glimpse of its grand colonial architecture heritage. Its watch tower was used as a beacon tower from pirates and adversaries during the colonial rule.

2. Capilay Spring Park in San Juan is a favorite scenic spot especially on hot summer days, there are three fresh water pools under a canopy of trees and its cool underneath the trees during a hot sunny day. This refreshing spring park counts among the most visited of your Siquijor Attractions, because it’s affordable here and the whole family can enjoy singing on their videoke boxes set on the cottages.

3. Cambugahay Waterfalls is a charmed and multi tiered waterfall with clear and calm water fit for your swimming and soothing relaxation. There are trees among the surroundings with a picturesque backdrop of lush coppice’s and bird songs gurgled by the water, a must see destination that you should not miss. And since going there on foot is a bit risky, its a top choice to rent a motorbike or multicab to reach the cool respite to your willing spirit.

4. The St. Isidore Labradore Parish Church and Convent is a fifteen kilometer drive from San Juan the town of Lazi. This church and convent at the southern tip of Siquijor is standing in the midst of stately Acacia trees and is also known to be the biggest convent in the whole of Asia.

In your trip to Siquijor don’t miss following the 120 kilometer coastal road that rings the tropical island paradise by motorbike or tricycle. In Larena you can easily pick one up or in any resort you can find in the island. The beaches are simply irresistible: long strips of white sand beaches ideal for swimming or simply relaxing by the unspoiled milieu of almost every angle you see. See the coasts in Larena, San Juan, Lazi, and other towns that are under towering coconuts and also the rest of the resorts offering lots of water activities.

Siquijor Church

An old church in Siquijor Island—Photo courtesy of scubachrigi on Flickr

While in your Siquijor Attractions and thinking of shopping, you can exploit a lot of small stores selling grocery items for your daily needs. There are also souvenir and art shops available for those keeping for memorabilia. Eateries can be easier found for those who wanted to explore the flavors of Siquijor as local ingredients merge in a skillet to envelope the streets with aroma of usually sautéed dishes or white tuna fin adobo. But whatever flavor is cooked on fire and to remember that this island of fire has surprises in store for you.

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