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Five Best Things in Caramoan

An exuberant tropical ecology: sun or white sand awaits you at the Philippines’ array of natures beauty. Since your destination can be truly fascinating by wonders of paradise, a destination among the breathtaking places of Caramoan, Camarines Sur won’t let you stop exploring all hundred islands, seascapes with infinite shades of blue and dazzling coral growths.

Gota Village Resort

Gota Village Resort—Photo courtesy of me_traveller on Flickr

1. The Caramoan Peninsula gained its reputation years back when local news and television programs featured this travel destination and tourists both local and foreign started arriving its virgin beaches. From Manila, a 9-hour bus ride may take you there. Or an hour flight to Naga City. From Naga City, (Sabang Port) a 3 hour travel to Caramoan Port. Boat departure starts 5 AM and there are a variety of rides available for a price costing 120 Php to 150 Php or 3$ to 4$. Arriving at Caramoan you may take a Jeepney or tricycle ride to the Centro or the Gota beach.

It is highly advisable to travel with a local guide. The best beaches and fascinating sights are far-off from the Centro or Gota Beach. In Camaroan, you can dive, swim, snorkel, camp, sun bath or stargaze, reflect over a bonfire. Trek natural formations, climb rock formations and enjoy the luxury without calls or electricity.

2. Camaroan is the favorite location for franchises like the Survivor (Serbian Version) for two consecutive seasons, and it also was the pick for the Israel version of Survivor for two previous seasons. Bulgarian survivor also filmed their fourth season in Caramoan Camarines Sur last 2009. Last 2010, the Swedish version was also filmed there. The 8th season for the French edition of survivor was shot entirely in Caramoan Camarine Sur, with a nice quotation from TV director Corinne Vaillant, “the powdery sand, the coconuts on Gota beach and the neighboring islets are a dream for the French people. We chose Caramoan because it’s really wild. It’s necessary that contestants don’t see anything other than nature for them to believe that they’re really lost.”

3. The tour packages are reasonably cheap whether in a lone travel or with a partner or with a team, from drop off point pick ups to island hopping, competing prices with hospitable service lets you relax and think things straight of your important getaway. Bookings can be done too online so there’s no hassle bringing around a bulk of bills in your wallet.


Caramoan, Camarines Sur—Photo courtesy of Oliver Baustista on Flickr

4. The magnificent places in Caramoan, Camarines Sur let you capture new things to share with your friends back home. Your Camera must be prepared all the time. Since adventures are in the beaches far away from the resorts, tents and camping gears can give a private setting. As one of the highlights of the Caramoan, Camarines Sur experience, make sure to bring all necessary equipments for the escapade.

5. The people in Caramoan welcome tourists and are courteous. Most locals understand English and are ready to assist any tourist seeking for valuable information. It is also best to introduce one’s self to the Baranggay Captain and let the resort owners or authorities know the activities that lie ahead your unique escapade.

You can always check out booking schedules and cost on the Internet when preparing your Caramoan escapade. And since traveling the Philippines is trouble free, your exhilarating Caramoan adventure will always be easy that the next thing you’ll see—its brilliant landmarks that make it truly a top destination for an adventure filled travel.

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