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Extreme Water Activities You Can Try at Maxima Resort Samal

Are you tired of the usual summer vacation spent on the beach? Want to do something different and memorable during your summer vacation this year? Then worry no more as you can experience the most exciting summer vacation you ever wanted by visiting Maxima Resort Samal.

Maxima Samal

Maxima Samal

Summer vacation is always supposed to be spent in the beaches where you can feel the hot sun will swimming around the wide sea. However, for some, this can be turn into a boring activity as it offers no new experience. People have been accustomed to going to the beach simply to take a swim – no more, no less. Nonetheless, for people who want to experience something new this summer vacation, then all they have to do is go to Maxima Resort Samal.

Maxima Resort Samal is a gaining popularity nowadays as the best summer destination for people. Aside having great waters wherein people can enjoy swimming and diving in, people are given the opportunity to experience more than that. Maxima Resort Samal is known for their different unique and one of a kind water activities that are simply death defying and heat pumping. Don’t tell me that you weren’t warned of the fun and excitement that Maxima Resort Samal is able to offer to its visitors.

Maxima Resort Samal is an hour or two travel from Davao City. People need to ride a water boat then followed by a motorcycle ride going to the exact location of the said resort. Indeed, the whole travel can be quite exhausting and tiring. However, all of this are worth it once you experience every water activities Maxima Resort Samal has to offer. Upon arriving, take time to rest and prepare one self. Wear something light and comfortable. Most importantly, never forget to use sun block to protect your skin from the hot weather.

Not Your Usual Jumping Board
Get into the water by trying the improvised Jumping boards. Though it may not be the usual jumping board you can see at swimming pool but trying this one can be fun. For people who could not swim, wearing of life vest is a must in order to protect one self. When trying this jump board, people can do different poses and simply enjoy the whole experience.

Getting To The Main Attraction
Basically, Maxima Resort Samal created a buzz with its first ever Giant Slide. This giant slide measures around 40 meters long and 1 meter wide. Indeed, trying this giant slide take a lot of courage as one need to go up the said giant slide and simply let yourself be thrown out of the sea when you reach the bottom part. The Maxima Resort Samal Giant Slide can be a fun treat for both kids and adults. Once you tried the gIant slide, you simply get tired of it. You can try it over and over again. On the other hand, safety is always being prioritized as observed with the different lifeguard seen all over the place and in the water.

Bouncing Up And Down With The Use Of Water Trampoline
If you want to take a rest from all the giant slide adventure, people can enjoy themselves by playing with the Trampoline seen in the water. These trampoline can be the best place where people can jump up and down while having a great time enjoying the whole view. This said trampoline is not only an attraction for children, as adults are equally amazed of the opportunity of playing with it.

Trying The Canopy Walk
After you had your fill of water activities, people could try now try the canopy walk being offered by Maxima Resort Samal. Trying the canopy walk can be another adventure that one can enjoy with family and friends. This said resort attraction can be enjoyed for free during morning, while a specific fee is being required in the afternoon.

If you want try something new and death defying this summer, make the necessary plan and head directly to Maxima Resort Samal and experience a vacation like no other.

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