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Explore the Wonders of Surigao Island

One of the blessed districts in the south island of Mindanao in the Philippines is Surigao, that until now plenty of its natural resources are untouched and its beaches, glorious. No wonder why tourists come back to Surigao yearly because they know a lot is still waiting to be explored. The clear rivers, lakes, lagoons, white sanded beaches, waterfalls, rainforest, caves, its history and people meet up in a diverse but harmonious relationship. So your Surigao getaway will be a travel to remember for. With exciting activities to do you won’t get bored at your rented room. Plus, an array of seafood specials cooked to idyllic taste as local cookery prides a blend of spices to make your tongue beg for more.


Siargao—Photo courtesy of man539 on Flickr

A mosaic of islands can also be found in Surigao. Located at the northeastern tip of Mindanao and faces the abysmal canyon better known as the Philippine Deep. At the eastern part, the Pacific Ocean, where typhoons form and frequently pass through.

Every time Surigao beach resort is mentioned, any traveler who had gone to Surigao can tell of the Virgin Islands and solemn atmosphere. Some islands are desolated and some are inhabited by accommodating indigenous people. But the ambiance counts one solid touch of a place you always desire of for a travel escapade. Nearest to the City of Surigao is Basul Islet. On one side, it has fine white sand. It takes only thirty minutes to reach the island from the city port and you’ll be surprised everything in the island is very affordable with trustworthy people. Sagisi Beach prides its white sand and deep blue waters that are now gaining popularity for its splendid reefs excellent for Scuba diving and Snorkeling. And in its shore you can have a comfortable rest under the lofty coconut trees lined along for your hammock to last the next morning. Sibale Beach is also a wonder with lush vegetation and a nice two kilometer white sand beach ideal for swimming. Mabua Pebble Beach is also famous of its multi-sized pebble surface. Native cottages in parallel lines set in a natural backdrop of coconut tree-laced hills and deep cool waters; tourists swim, windsurf, jet ski, and wait for the dramatic sunset on its lovely shore.

cloud 9 Siargao

Cloud 9, Siargao—Photo courtesy of Xandra Holazo Marfori on Flickr

Siargao Island also prides interesting seascapes where surfers around the world visit and love the cloud nine waves and the very best of white sandy shores. Islets around the vicinity can also be a good joint for island hopping. Guyam Island is also known for the water sports and other activities, especially General Luna Beach. Baranggay Nabago also prides the Pearl Farm of Surigao.

Like the Manjagao mangrove forest and other seascapes in Surigao, the wonders of tropic amazes each tourists foreign or domestic, reputing Surigao beach resorts as among the world class destination yet to be discovered.

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