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Experience Wakeboarding at Camarines Sur Watersports Complex

One interesting spot for wakeboarding enthusiasts stirs sensation as more than watersports can do, and when Camarines Sur Watersports Complex is mentioned, you get the thrill in between your legs to start packing up for summer as you book your reservation on. This cool spot offers a 6-point cable ski system and reputed to be one of the worlds best wake boarding facilities.

Camarines Sur wakeboarding

Wakeboarding in Camarines Sur—Photo courtesy of roe on Flickr

Getting there from Manila won’t be any hassle. There are daily trips from Manila to Naga Airport and to Legaspi City which takes about 45 minutes. From that point Camarines Sur is easier by land travel. There are a lot of choices for quality hotel accommodation, and you can choose some closer to the complex: there are hotels a stroll away so you’ll have a chance to smell what sizzles of this top spot; Camarines Sur Watersports Complex itself offers Cabana Rentals so you’ll completely be around while adventure and fun is within reach. There is perfect harmony with the “modern” and “nature” in the complex so you’ll tour around and seek for adventure that’s perfect for a seeker that you are. If you think wake boarding retires at sundown, not for this complex, which is equipped with spotlights to allow your adrenaline spirit boost high or rush on to a nocturnal thrill.

If it’s too hot you can take a dip of their swimming pool. Or yet play billiards at the game room while the children jump and cheer on the inflatable house just right for play. There is a basketball court for team game wannabes. And if you prefer a lot more learning to balance your body try to skate at the Camsur Skate Park which features 6 feet half pipe, transitions, and some street style stuff. Camarines Sur Watersports Complex surely takes you to another level of holiday activities that will tire you out, and if it’s time for pampering your body you may get a massage while listen to the tranquil environment at the spa. Late night appointments here can be booked early on.

Camarines Watersports Complex

Camarines Watersports Complex—Photo courtesy of xtaongbundok on Flickr

Think the day’s over after a special personal attention? Think again. The day is right to turn to nature and see more of the 25-hectare Ecovillage. Trek your heart in a solemn retreat within the provincial capitol complex and appreciate the caves, waterfalls, fishponds, aviaries, all man-made wonders here. And if it encourage you to reach limits, you can wall climb to test your spider like ability or set-up a camp at the camping area where tent like huts are also situated. Your Eco village also includes an ecolodge in case you want to sleep and wake up to its bounty; function hall for grand events held in this superb natural setting; conference area to host large number of guests; kitchen for the foodie; five air-conditioned cabins for honored guests; tourist pavilion with 50 seat dining room so dining can be fun with groups; 60 seat coffee shop and bar for unwinders, and guest houses for you. Now before you go in the middle of the hanging bridge to take a view of the fishponds which come alive with koi, make sure your cameras are intact to this magnificent Camarines Sur Watersports Complex Experience.

Your adventure saga indeed starts here and for an active day tripper, you deserve to cool down and try a wide array of special menu that’s right to replenish energy from your body. Whether your wake boarding or in harmony with nature or skating, you have a time to sit comfortably, as your sautéed beef tenderloin strips with caramelized onions, bell peppers, and cheese explore your sense of smell and haste you for the spoon and fork. Not just your favorite salads or beer battered Calamares: baby fresh shrimp coated with bread crumbs just golden brown right at your platter with cocktail sauce singles out the day. From Spicy Bicol specials to Bibimbop or Chicken Yakitori every delightful menu comes out real from that menu list as your team of culinary chefs make your stay in Camarines Sur Watersports Complex an unforgettable one.

From wake boarding to massage you’ll simply indulge yourself to the activities all in for you. From nature tripping to a glass of wine at the restaurant: brace yourself now as you get to retire for a day and see more of the beautiful sunset here, and when the going gets really fit for you, Camarines Sur Watersports complex is surely in.

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