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Exciting Nature Activities to Do in Subic

More than eight million tourists arrive in Subic yearly to experience the goings on as much as discover its ecological bounty. Its forested bayside panorama and modern infrastructure plus history spell the awesome beauty and culture of people you’d meet in your holiday getaway in the Subic tourist spots. To believe it, you simply had to experience it!

For more than nine decades, Subic used to be the pride of the U.S. Navy as the largest naval installation outside the United States that has now been converted to an attraction of entertainment and recreation. Its thousands of businesses and employed workers help the tourism industry, with companies that are managed in tough compliance of environment-friendly rules to allow ecosystem and business climate to blend in together that’s only unique to Subic.

Subic Ocean Adventure

Dolphins at the Subic Ocean Adventure—Photo courtesy of JR Rodriguez IV on Flickr

Don’t be surprised to see wild orchids and ferns hanging along in the trees lined in the street side. Kingfishers, orioles, wild ducks, and sea eagles in Tibao Bay area are untouchables, as a lot of foreigners take pleasure to relax and unwind to its pristine beaches and ocean resort areas. If you are into diving, then there is probably no place better to experience old shipwrecks than in the waters around Subic with over 20 historic vessels sunk in the bay.

A 911 emergency response system provide fire, security, and ambulance services twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. So you can play and frolic worry-free, knowing its three numbers away in case emergency happens. Plus, Subic maintains the strictest police and traffic safety programs in the Philippines, and also with one of the lowest crime rates in the entire Philippines.

Zoobic Safari
The next best thing to an authentic African safari is avoiding a long plane ride and expensive services in Africa. Zoobic Safari covers 25 hectares of land filled with wild and exotic animals in simulated natural habitat. This is one of the famous among the Subic tourist spots that attract trippers here and abroad.

Let’s take a peek…

Close Tiger Encounter – If you want a thrilling experience of getting extra close (2 ft. close) with Siberian and Bengal tigers, watch them tear apart and chew raw chicken carcasses.

Tiger Safari – Enter an open area teaming with live tigers roaming freely in a natural habitat on a Safari Jeep.

The Zoobic Park – This features a jungle environment with tame and gentle roaming albino caribou, deer, ostrich, bear, monkey, eagles, miniature horses, ducks and more.

Savannah – A sanctuary of exotic and farm animals featuring a wide range of ostriches, potbellied pigs, wild boars and guinea fowls. See the ostriches run alongside your car. You may even get a peck from them.

Serpentarium – Grab an up-close and personal view of snakes, iguanas, lizards, turtles and various other slithering and crawling reptiles.

Rodent World – A collection of rodents like you’ve never seen before. They even have their own grooming salon where you can watch guinea pigs get a shampoo and style job.

Croco Loco – Here you can view up to 200 crocodiles in a natural swamp area. If you’re lucky, get a chance to feed a few of the snappers. Dangle a chicken on a fishing pole and see them jump, snap and tear at the carcass. Quarter chickens can be purchased for only Php 50 each.

Adventure Animal Rides – Ride on camels, horses, carabaos and alpacas – a unique and exciting experience only available at Zoobic Safari.

Educational Shows – You can also see educational shows featuring live animals or learn jungle survival skills from the indigenous Aeta people and see native dances performed by the same. When an Aeta did the monkey dance for us, he traversed up a tree in a split-second; for a moment, we thought he actually changed into a real monkey.

Ocean Adventure Amusement/Theme Park
Enjoy watching educational sea lion, dolphin, and whale shows. The Discovery Aquarium showcases Subic Bay and West Philippine Sea marine-life and its ecosystem. For children, there is a learning center for a number of aspects of Marine Life and get to sit on a spectacular Sea Lion Painting Sessions. Also, visit the dolphin and friends show; killer whales and dolphins in their lagoon perform tricks with grace and also learn interesting things about them. Don’t miss sea lion patrol marine show—watch these smart marine animals perform tricks with balls and dancing that will make you sing and laugh.

Subic Le-mans’ Go Cart Track
This is a smaller version of a race car that is much closer to the ground but keeps exciting adrenaline on the go as you enjoy the quick turning, fast moving vehicle underfoot.

Subic International raceway
Located beside the Subic International Airport, you’ll find a track worthy of local and international races, a road race course 2.9 Km long with twelve turns.

Types of races held here include, Formula 3, motorcycles, Philippine National Touring Car series and SVI Grand Prix. Most races are three day events with a typical season encompassing 12 race events.

Hill 394
Back in the old days when Subic was yet a U.S. owned military base, this hill is isolated but was already beautiful 394 feet above sea level, but was used as a secret helicopter landing spot that is now a n observation spot where there are 50 species of birds and 150 species of vibrantly green trees. A 46-minute trail hike to the top of the hill is ideal for those willing for a little exercise and fresh Subic air. A vista of the Bataan and Zambales Mountains can also be seen here.

El Kabayo Riding Stables
Ride some quality imported horses from the United States, Argentina and Australia at El Kabayo. You can ride a thoroughbred, saddle-bred, or a quarter-horse if you prefer. For those who have always wanted to learn to ride horses, the climb on the back and let an expert instructor teach you all the tricks.

Reme Field Sports Complex
Why not get some exercise at a world-class sports and recreation complex? It has a selection of athletic courts and facilities that are covered to protect your precious skin from the sun or play tennis and Badminton in a covered and elegant sport facility. There are also basketball and boxing gymnasium. The rubber-based track and field is there for your high technology nightly walks, jogs, or sprints.

Eco-tourism by SBMA Tourism and Freeport Services Corp. (FSC)
For your exceptional vacation, treat yourself or your family to an ecological and nature experiences. You surely won’t be disappointed with Subic Bay. If you enjoy bird watching, remote stream fishing or simply want to be at one with nature, then this program offers you the opportunity to hire an FSC guide to show you and your group some of the most beautiful back-country areas of Subic.

Jest Camp
Jungle Environment Survival Training (JEST) Camp is a unique facility used to gain experience on how to survive in the hostile environment of the jungles of Southeast Asia. The prestigious special operations teams from the U.S. Marines used to learn jungle survival skills from the local indigenous Aetas of this region. They acquired skills such as how to make fire out of nothing but dried bamboo, what plants are safe to eat and those that are not and, how to obtain precious water in the deep, isolated jungle in order to sustain their lives. If you are one of the brave ones and opt for the full-blown course, you will be taken to remote areas of the jungle overnight without food or water. Your Aeta guides will show you how go retrieve water from different plant vines. Then you will be taught how to cook rice using only green bamboo, make insect repellent from certain plants and so forth, all utilizing only the basic elements of the jungle that surround you. So, why not learn some new techniques for survival from the same instructors who taught these jungle skills to the elite Navy Seals?

These exciting places all in for your Subic tourist spots with a mixture of nightlife and world class entertainment. So the next time you treat your family or simply a loved one for a getaway, meet the surprises and interesting challenge activities in Subic.

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