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Eating Philippine Balut the Pinoy Way

Can you imagine yourself eating a three week old duck or chicken egg with formed parts sticking out of it? For some, it may not be a good sight to behold. But for us, Filipinos, we savor every moment of eating the said Philippine delicacies.

One can never be a true “Pinoy” until he or she had a taste of the popular “Philippine Balut”. Indeed, this can be true considering that every Filipino consider Philippine Balut as one of their all time favorite street foods. Philippine Balut is a delicious delicacy that people can enjoy while being on the street.



The real score when it comes to Philippine Balut

Though it may be considered as a Philippine delicacy, most foreign tourist has a certain hesitation when it comes to trying it. Indeed, you can’t blame them as eating Philippine Balut, which has an almost formed baby duck or chicken, can be quite bizarre to do. However, eating Philippine Balut can be a unique experience that they can only try here in our country. Some foreign tourists would eat Philippine Balut just for the fun of it. By eating the said street food, they can have a bragging right to tell to other people about the whole experience. There would also be instances that people use balut as a form of challenge or consequence during games and other activities. Nonetheless, there are also individuals who take the opportunity of eating Philippine Balut as a means to understand the culture and tradition of Filipinos.

Proper Etiquette when eating balut

To fully enjoy this once in a lifetime food experience, people must be acquainted on the proper etiquette to observe when eating Philippine Balut. Though it may sound silly to call it etiquette but there are recommended ways in which people can have a great time while eating Philippine Balut. The way person eats balut will define whether you will be able to enjoy eating it or not. When eating Philippine Balut, people must first tap the upper portion of the egg. By doing the tapping, one will be able to create a small hole. The said small hole will be the means in which you can sip the amniotic fluid seen inside the egg. Having a taste of the amniotic fluid is the first part of enjoying Philippine Balut. After finishing all the fluid, people could now proceed with peeling off half of the egg. In doing this, one would be exposing the egg content. Once the 3 week old duck or chicken comes into view, one could now have a heartily bite out of it. Basically, Philippine Balut has a unique crunchy texture as well as distinct taste.

Innovations in Philippine balut

Indeed, people are fond of enjoying Philippine Balut while being on the street. Nonetheless, who said that the said street food we love could not be enjoyed the gourmet way? Nowadays, people can take a taste of different Philippine Balut innovations. Because of the immense influence Philippine Balut has on Filipinos, people have come up with various recipes in order to fully appreciate the taste of this street food. Now, people can try eating Adobo balut, Sinigang na balut, Ginisang balut and Balut with pasta, just to name a few. Indeed, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making the most out of our favorite Philippine Balut. Coming up with innovative dishes and meals using balut greatly depends on the creativity and ingenuity of a person.

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