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Davao International Airport: One of Davao’s Structural Pride

Davao City is a place being constantly visited by various tourists every single day. The popularity of Davao City as a tourist destination can be attributed to the different sights and views that can be seen when you visit. Tourists are at awe because of the rich culture and tradition Davao has to offer to its visitors. However, the wonder that Davao has to offer starts not with the tourist destinations but upon reaching the airport itself. This is true considering that Davao International Airport is not the usual airport you see every day in your life.

Davao International Airport

Davao International Airport

Basically, an airport is a place where people land every time they would travel via airplane. This is also the same place where people would go to when boarding planes. With this purpose, it is important that airports are created in such a way that it will deliver comfort and convenience to various passengers. And these factors of comfort and convenience are greatly evident when you visit Davao International Airport.

Tourists who were able to see Davao International Airport first hand only have praises of the structure’s beauty and practicality. It was said that Davao International Airport is a tourist destination itself that reflects what visitors can expect in Davao City. Indeed, Davao International Airport help tourists feel hospitality and value Davaoenos have to offer. Nonetheless, Davao International Airport came from a long way. It had undergone various processes of planning and years of construction.

How Davao International Airport Came to Be

The original Davao airport was located at Sasa, Davao City. The old airport was able to cater millions of tourist and visitors for numerous years. However, there came a time when the old airport came short which resulted to decrease tourists visit. Tourists, especially coming from the neighboring countries became less and less attracted to the old airport.

With this, Davao City tourism was greatly affected. To make amends, the city government started to come up with various strategies. And one of this strategies included constructing a new and improved Davao Airport. After much planning, the city government was able to earn a loan that cost almost $64 million from two international banks. The original plan for the new airport construction was estimated to cost around $105 million. However, due to various circumstances such as economic crises and difficulties, the total cost of Davao International Airport was roughly around $128 million.

Davao Airport

A passenger airline inside the Davao Internatinal Airport—Photo courtesy of Reynald Nuñez on Flickr

The Concept Behind the Davao International Airport Structure

Davao International Airport, which is also known as Francisco Bangoy International Airport, has a total land area of 209 hectares including the runway. Davao International Airport has a wide and good set up of their runway that enable it to accommodate a number of planes every single day. Aside from the airway, one can be greatly amazed by the main building. The Malaysian inspired architecture design of the main building was able to attract and impressed different tourists and visitors. The said main building boasts of its unique structural design and construction.

Aside from the main building, Davao International Airport also has various sculptures. These artistic sculptures reflect the rich and diverse culture of the Davao City. Indeed, with all these features, one can conclude that Davao International Airport was created with much regard to design and aesthetic value.

Davao City International Airport

Davao City International Airport

Amenities Tourists Can Enjoy in Davao International Airport

Aside from being the landing site of planes, Davao International Airport is a place where passengers and tourists can wait for their upcoming flights. Most people would spend 3 – 4 hours inside the Davao International Airport while waiting for their planes to arrive. By knowing this fact it is important that an airport must have the necessary amenities that will make the passenger comfortable during the waiting process.

The passenger’s comfort and convenience was greatly prioritized during the planning and construction of Davao International Airport. With this, one can find various stores and areas inside Davao International Airport. It is a common scenario to see passengers skipping their meals, especially during morning flights. However, passengers need not to worry as there are various food counters and stores seen inside the Davao International Airport.

In the ground floor, you can see different stores that sell Davao made treats, such as Durian candy, Durian cake and a lot more. Upon reaching the second floor, there are stores that sell meals that could satisfy your hungry stomach. At the same time, there are also cafes that serve good coffee and other beverages.

However, one must cautious as food items and products sold inside the airport can b quite costly compared to the usual prices you can observe in groceries. Thus, for people on a tight budget, allocate appropriate time for you to eat at home. By doing this strategy, people can save a great deal of money.

There are also different souvenir shops herein people can purchase Davao products. Aside from that, people can enjoy clean comfort rooms as well as comfortable and clean waiting area.

Accessibility of Davao International Airport to Passengers

Davao International Airport is basically located in the vicinity of Buhangin District. It is estimated to be 15 kilometers from the downtown area. Every airport must be accessible in the first place. This fact is important in order for passengers to get to their scheduled flights on time. Though the Davao International Airport can be quite far from the city’s center area, there are various means of transportation that people avail of in order to conveniently arrive at the Davao International Airport.

For people on a tight budget, one can choose to have a jeepney ride. People can ride a jeepney with a route of “Panacan-Buhangin”. This one jeepney ride would cost around PHP 15 from downtown to the airport. However, riding a jeepney can be quite troublesome considering that you have baggage with you.

On the other hand, people could avail of taxi services. By doing so, people can comfortably sit during the whole trip going to the airport. But then, riding taxis can be quite expensive especially if you are located far from the airport.

Aside from this, people could also try riding buses. There are buses that would pass by the Davao International Airport. However, one must bear in mind that not all places have this kind of buses. At the same time, not all buses have the same route that would pass by the airport.

In terms of leaving the airport, there are number of taxis that can be found inside and outside the Davao International Airport. When planning to ride a taxi going out of the airport, it is essential that the fare meter must be turned on. Fixed taxi rate must not be tolerated as it can be unfair for the passenger. Also, there are jeepney rides that would transport you to the center of the city which are available outside the airport.

When given the chance to visit Davao, take time to see and appreciate the beauty of the Davao International Airport.


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