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Fall in Love with Hinatuan Enchanted River, Surigao Del Sur

A lot of us would always love to feel the thrill of visiting places which would definitely captivate our heart and soul and would leave a footprint in our hearts and minds. More often than not, it is our way of unwinding and getting rid of stress in work or in school. Whatever reasons we may have, one goal will meet us to the common point, to enjoy and appreciate nature as it is. Some places are well-developed and were turned into magnificent places. And a lot of us are curious about some historical background of the places we already visited or we love to visit soon.

Hinatuan enchanted river

Hinatuan enchanted river—Photo courtesy of photoholic76 on Flickr

During the 1950s, Hinatuan Enchanted River situated at Surigao Del Sur was once a common pond with logs at the middle of the operations of logging at the same area, and now, it is already one of the leading tourist spots in the said province. It has a cool crystal like clear water, a lot of tourists got tempted and lured with this Enchanted river even way back two years ago when it was not yet fully unfolded. Read more »

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Explore the Wonders of Surigao Island

One of the blessed districts in the south island of Mindanao in the Philippines is Surigao, that until now plenty of its natural resources are untouched and its beaches, glorious. No wonder why tourists come back to Surigao yearly because they know a lot is still waiting to be explored. The clear rivers, lakes, lagoons, white sanded beaches, waterfalls, rainforest, caves, its history and people meet up in a diverse but harmonious relationship. So your Surigao getaway will be a travel to remember for. With exciting activities to do you won’t get bored at your rented room. Plus, an array of seafood specials cooked to idyllic taste as local cookery prides a blend of spices to make your tongue beg for more.


Siargao—Photo courtesy of man539 on Flickr

A mosaic of islands can also be found in Surigao. Located at the northeastern tip of Mindanao and faces the abysmal canyon better known as the Philippine Deep. At the eastern part, the Pacific Ocean, where typhoons form and frequently pass through. Read more »