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List of Subic Accommodations

As one of the top recreation venue of the Philippines, Subic Bay offers a high class to mid range hotel accommodations that also serve packages to see the resorts and spots that are perfect for sports and adventure. But of course there are various choices to your Subic accommodations, from simple dorm rooms to Five Star quality of service. Your travel agencies or tour operators that can take you there offer tour packages, tour activities, adventure packages, and group programs. That is why to ensure your visit to Subic Bay area, check out your Agents info on the net and the partner hotels affiliated for your Subic accommodations.

Subic Yacht Club

Subic Yacht Club—Photo courtesy of

Since the years past, Subic is known for its beaches and water sports, but the area has so much more than that. Here are some of the best Subic accommodations to choose from: Read more »

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Exciting Nature Activities to Do in Subic

More than eight million tourists arrive in Subic yearly to experience the goings on as much as discover its ecological bounty. Its forested bayside panorama and modern infrastructure plus history spell the awesome beauty and culture of people you’d meet in your holiday getaway in the Subic tourist spots. To believe it, you simply had to experience it!

For more than nine decades, Subic used to be the pride of the U.S. Navy as the largest naval installation outside the United States that has now been converted to an attraction of entertainment and recreation. Its thousands of businesses and employed workers help the tourism industry, with companies that are managed in tough compliance of environment-friendly rules to allow ecosystem and business climate to blend in together that’s only unique to Subic.

Subic Ocean Adventure

Dolphins at the Subic Ocean Adventure—Photo courtesy of JR Rodriguez IV on Flickr

Don’t be surprised to see wild orchids and ferns hanging along in the trees lined in the street side. Kingfishers, orioles, wild ducks, and sea eagles in Tibao Bay area are untouchables, as a lot of foreigners take pleasure to relax and unwind to its pristine beaches and ocean resort areas. If you are into diving, then there is probably no place better to experience old shipwrecks than in the waters around Subic with over 20 historic vessels sunk in the bay. Read more »