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A Close Encounter with Sorsogon Whale Sharks

Make your next vacation be more than just beaches and poolside sun bathing and when planning a vacation in the Philippines, don’t miss seeing the gentle spotted giants enjoying their plankton diet. This place at the southern tip of Luzon made a break on the country’s falling tourism: Sorsogon whale sharks.

Thousands of visitors arrive each season in Donsol (once a “never heard of” town with economy reliant to fishing and cottage industry) to witness and swim with whale sharks which the locals had been fishing before, and since this plankton-rich waters are now home to congregating whale sharks, and efforts were done to boost the tourism industry and safeguarding the now breeding ground for these giant fishes locally called Butanding; Donsol, Sorsogon will surely be the next most visited tour capital of the Philippines.

Whale shark

Whale shark—Photo courtesy of

The official season starts from February and runs until the end of May where the Donsol Sea is clearest and calmest. These gentle Sorsogon whale sharks arrive as early as November in the Butanding capital of the Philippines that has now been declared as also a breeding ground for these friendly spotted giant fishes. The town of Donsol is a one hour drive from Sorsogon and slightly the same from Legazpi City. These two cities are jump-off points to Donsol. There are decent accomodations and transporting facilities in both Legazpi and Sorsogon. There are few Lodging houses in Donsol, and snorkelling euipment rentals are scarse. You can bring your own snorkeling gears and prepare a packed lunch if planning to last for a day in Donsol. Read more »