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Five Unforgettable Spots of Siquijor Island

The sun is about to set with a yellowish red color beaming to the clouded afternoon sky the time you wanted to take a click on your camera, thinking how bounty blessed this paradise is. As for the all you can eat seafood buffet, mouthwatering—nonetheless. But your vacation can also be a walk through history as ancient cathedrals and convents and centuries old colonial houses remain well kept throughout time here.

Siquijor Waterfalls

Siquijor Waterfalls—Photo courtesy of hn on Flickr

The white sand shoreline tucked in a cove with inexpensive room accommodation is truly perfect with tours too around the island’s landmarks. You might also be interested to see butterflies in Mount Bandilaan Butterfly Sanctuary and Tree Park, observing these delicate but colorful creatures makes you want to play with them, for sure. And Kambugahay Falls in Lazi might refresh you out after a tiring trek among these magnificent spots. Read more »

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The Supernatural Wonders of Siquijor

Pretty much of this island’s reputation owes to the magical thinking of every Filipino, as Siquijor is known to be a stamping ground of sorcerers, healers, and witches or locally called mambabarang. Yet much of this laid back getaway is less than maleficent spells: inasmuch, a real magic takes place of this enchanting paradise perfect for a sojourner escaping the busy urban life. A Siquijor Island experience takes you to a lore of surprises and that’ll surely turn your stress into a hocus-pocus of relief.

Siquijor Island

Sunset on the mystical island of Siquijor—Photo courtesy of randomly_speaking on Flickr

Siquijor’s uncrowded beaches, unexplored caves, and photogenic sunsets are among the reasons why you should visit this Paradise. But apart from that, its culinary delicacy and varying colors of the sea entices more of you and discover this inexpensive getaway spot that’ll fill your social networking site with unequaled photos worth dozens of commentaries and inquiries. Read more »

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Cool Accommodations for Your Siquijor Escapade

The golden sunsets that are extraordinary in Siquijor and its quietude mix up well with the unspoiled beaches and stretches of fine white sands. There are coves and mangroves, and the coves are sometimes desolated as if it waited for you to reach there. As a lot has been supernaturally referred to this paradise island, only few exploited the natural bounty that Siquijor keeps, and while it joins the rest of spectacular island paradises in the Philippines, Siquijor remains world class.

Siquijor beach

A resort in Siquijor—Photo courtesy of Luwela's page on Flickr

When in Siquijor, people usually tell tales of witchcraft and witches as it has a long tradition of supernatural worship. But much of its reality is seen in the surroundings and the 102 kilometer of pure white sand set in a tropical panorama. The moment you arrive here you’ll surely learn loving its kind people and fascinating culture. Read more »