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Monfront Bat Cave In Samal: Exploring The Dark World Of Bats

There are a lot of things people, both adult and children min you, hate about the dark. In the dark, people became helpless as one is deprive from the ability to see. On the other hand, there are also different creatures that only come alive during dark. One of these said creatures are bats. Bats are commonly being associated with darkness, evil, demons and even vampires. However, all of these are based from fictional works we read in books. Nonetheless, there are more to bats that meet the eye. And you can learn this by visiting Monfront Bat Cave In Samal.

Bat cave Samal

Monfort Bat Cave

Monfront Bat Cave In Samal is a tourist attraction wherein people can personally see hundreds of bats residing in every bat cave. Monfront Bat Cave In Samal has a total of 5 bat caves that are filled with an estimated amount of 1.8 million Geoffroy’s rousette fruit bats. This said enormous number is expected to increase as it was discovered that the female bats continue to be pregnant. Read more »

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Extreme Water Activities You Can Try at Maxima Resort Samal

Are you tired of the usual summer vacation spent on the beach? Want to do something different and memorable during your summer vacation this year? Then worry no more as you can experience the most exciting summer vacation you ever wanted by visiting Maxima Resort Samal.

Maxima Samal

Maxima Samal

Summer vacation is always supposed to be spent in the beaches where you can feel the hot sun will swimming around the wide sea. However, for some, this can be turn into a boring activity as it offers no new experience. People have been accustomed to going to the beach simply to take a swim – no more, no less. Nonetheless, for people who want to experience something new this summer vacation, then all they have to do is go to Maxima Resort Samal. Read more »

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Pearl Farm Samal Island: Experiencing a Piece of Heaven

In this busy and fast paced lifestyle we have today, it is important that people must take time to rest and recuperate. People who are too absorbed with tasks and work can be vulnerable to various diseases and illnesses. Before one would experience these said dangerous effects, people could just plan a vacation. This said vacation must not need to be out of town. One could just go to any massage center or wellness spa near you. However, for those who have the financial resources, one could plan an extravagant vacation like no other. If planning to go on an annual vacation, choose a place wherein you can get all the best amenities. Among the different resorts and vacation spots you can choose, Pearl Farm Samal Island can be one of the best candidate.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Pearl Farm Samal—Photo courtesy of dale iranon on Flickr

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