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The Amazing Secrets of Polilio Island

Some thirty kilometers off the north eastern coast of Quezon province in Luzon, Philippines, is an island separated by Polillo Straight facing the Pacific Ocean twenty kilometers east of Quezon. You might be confused between the words “Polilio” and “Polillo” which sounds similar, that Polillo is just among the municipalities within the Polilio Island. Polilio Island, with 368 square miles, is considered the second largest island of the Pacific coast of Luzon.

Polillo Island

Unfinished port located in Polillo Island—Photo courtesy of armiel on Flickr

Located just one hundred 10 kilometers east of Manila, this island retreat spot is surprisingly well preserved with eighty percent of its forest unspoiled by modernization and almost all of its surrounding seas inhabited by rich and rare corals. And since it is also a bird sanctuary, a rare bird called “Balod” thrives in this breathtaking countryside haven. Now your trip to Polillo island resorts might be among the unique trips you’ll have for a vacation starting from a three-hour boat ride from Real, Quezon. Expect that the towns in the island are rustic with no permanent buses and jeepneys traveling the routes from one municipality to another. Even the roads are not well established for the meantime. But a thrilling motorcycle ride to roam around the island can be a trip for cheer since it’s economic and most proffered by the residents; this might get you to more exciting scenic spots and fill your blogs with unique pictures and day off diaries. Read more »