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Thinking About Having a Palawan Vacation?

Anticipating grand events to happen in an ideal summer trip can turn out to everyone when the hot atmosphere just push us away from our four walled corners to seek a wider view of the sky or dip in a cool water. Chances are there are few spots that can offer an all-in price for such trip. Count in Palawan Island as one. One unique site dubbed as the “ideal holiday destination in the Philippines”.

Coron Palawan

Coron Island in Palawan—Photo courtesy of dongdonggadongdong on Flickr

Palawans’ landscape is not limited to the ground area which is the largest island in the Philippines. It probably is the spot for the unsurpassed seascape in the world too. The rain forest, caves, coral reefs, mangroves, beaches, and clear blue waters are its compelling scenes; home to exotic animals that love the climate and are protected by conservationists and residents. A well maintained sanctuary for rare species of giraffes and zebras along with other wildlife whose ancestors were originally from Africa, thrive in Palawan. The animals wander openly all over the place and harmonize with regional creatures such as Calamian deer, the Palawan bearcat, and the Palawan peacock pheasants. This idyllic place for a short safari would certainly lure binoculars to take a closer look at these splendid animals.
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Useful Palawan Travel Tips that Every Visitors Must Read

Traveling in Palawan, Philippines is as demanding as any travel destination since a lot has been located in desolated portions of the island and may have exclusive accommodations waiting. But once you get to the island, everything will flow smooth and gives a sense of ease from the hustle and bustle of the urban life.


Snake Islands in Palawan—Photo courtesy of Mon Corpuz on Flickr

An eager traveler like you may find a lot of travel options in mind the moment you step the Manila airport, already had interesting places you wanted to go to or feel free to trek solemn areas. It is best to remember that transportation alternatives in the Philippines are as varied as food choices. In the province like Palawan however, you get to have tough rides with the roughest modes of transportation to get to your destination.
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Interesting Facts About Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

To consider a spot that has it all and that quenches that mature crave for land and water escapade requires only an hour flight from Manila. Leaving the bustle of highly urbanized metropolitan necessitates the finger to do some few clicks and press the keyword on search engines: Palawan’s Puerto Princesa.

To imagine the inviting white powdery shoreline and the swaying palm contour through the coast unwinds a piece of one hectic soul. And since Palawan in general, is best known for water sports that includes island hopping, snorkeling, and kayaking; its important not to miss that it is also a diving haven for its many shipwrecks found along the seaside of Coron Island—a harmony for wreck divers. Certainly, the flourishing marine life in the Palawan coasts is remarkably among the best globally.

Palawan underground river

Subterranean Underground River—Photo courtesy of CoritS on Flickr

For tourists who already visited Puerto Princesa in Palawan, an eye catcher adventure site is worth manifold visits. Notably called Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park by virtue of Proclamation No. 835 on March 26, 1971, it is now included as one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Located about Fifty Kilometers North (Saint Paul Mountain Range of the northern coast) of the City of Puerto Princesa, the National Park is bordered by St. Paul Bay to the north and Babuyan River to the east. Since 1992, the city government of Puerto Princesa has managed the National Park or St. Paul Underground River. It also became the finalist for the “New Seven Wonders of Nature” competition.
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