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Experience the Charming Beauty of Vigan

Some other things aside from elegant tropical resorts, nightlife, and rural escapes, the Philippines too treasures a rich heritage that makes it a notable “pearl of the orient” in years past. Its colonial history which influenced a lot of what it is today not only remain as leftovers of the then struggling revolution, but also as an artifact of western cultural and religious fusion in all aspects of human activity in the archipelago. Just by strolling around municipalities, towns, or even cities, the colonial architecture is much represented by ancestral houses although some are poorly maintained to dilapidation. But 400 kilometers from Manila, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Vigan remains uniquely preserved.


Old houses in Vigan—Photo courtesy of jcbacolores on Flickr

Being the Capital of Ilocos Sur and was established in the 16th century, Vigan showcases precious remnants of old Spanish architecture. It is also the best-preserved Spanish colonial town in Asia with a unique European atmosphere and the oldest surviving colonial city in the Philippines. Read more »

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Pagudpud Windmills: An Attraction Just Around the Corner of Ilocos Norte

The road travel going to Ilocos Norte can be quite tiring. However, all these feeling of tiredness can be relieved the moment people are able to see the infamous Pagudpud Windmills. It would be impossible for people to miss this towering structure that is seen at the coast of Bangui Bay. Indeed, it can be a quite a sight to behold. These Pagudpud Windmills can be considered as one of the first wind turbines to be established in the Philippines. With this fact, the locality of Ilocos Norte made Pagudpud Windmills as a tourist attraction that people can visit and check out. However, there are more to know about these windmills. Pagudpud Windmills is not just any structure that is placed to serve no purpose at all. Learn more about these Pagudpud Windmills in order for you to appreciate the next time you get the chance to pass by the Ilocos Norte road.

Pagudpud windmill


Why there are windmills in Pagudpud
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