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How to Enjoy the Expensive Alamid Coffee in the Philippines

It is safe to say that almost all people in the world are coffee lover by heart.

This fact is true considering that people would love to drink a cup of hot coffee every morning. You can feel different warmth once the aroma of coffee reaches your nostrils. Indeed, this is one of the sensations people enjoy every time they take a sip of delicious coffee. However, would the feeling and experience be the same if one is to drink the expensive Alamid coffee in the Philippines?

Alamid coffee

Alamid coffee—Photo courtesy of Rayts

Indeed, people would pay great amount of money in order to enjoy quality and delicious coffee available in cafes. But then, it would be a different story when it comes to Alamid coffee in the Philippines. This specific coffee doesn’t not only cost too much but it is considered as the most expensive coffee in the world. With this, people would come to wonder what’s special with this coffee that earned it the said title. Well, wonder no more, as this article will try to let you understand the nature and worth of the infamous Alamid coffee in the Philippines. Read more »

Aug 28, 2011 - Food    No Comments

The Awesome Fruit: Durian in Davao

Whatever we need or whatever the agendas we have, going to Davao has been incredibly a great opportunity for all of us. Davao has been situated at the heart of Southern Mindanao, famous for its terrific features to be offered to a lot of tourists. With its hospitable people, wonderful beaches and sweet, sumptuous fruits, Davao has these to offer! With its wonderful lands and water areas being bestowed to this area, a lot of tourists from other cities in the Philippines and even all over the world had been tempted and lured. Its great historical background paves a wonderful way for a lot of people to become interested with the city. The city name Davao has been derived from the word daba-daba and was known to be a fire. It is indeed like a fire that really strikes our heart and soul when we come and visit this magnificent place to have a vacation or stay for good. With its variety of tourist attractions, Davao has been gifted with a very unique fruit, the durian. Come and let’s taste the Durian in Davao!

Davao Durian

Durian—Photo courtesy of

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