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Ways on How to Redefine Your Usual Philippine Pork Adobo Experience

When asked about a meal that would represent Philippines, only one delicious food would come into mind—the Philippine pork adobo.

pork adobo

Pork adobo—Photo courtesy of _gem_

Throughout the years, Philippine culture has been greatly influenced by various delicacies and cuisine. These food defines how skillful Filipinos are when it comes to the field of cooking. Filipinos are known to be good cook as well as sumptuous eaters. Among the evidence of this claim is the delicious Philippine pork adobo that Filipinos have. Read more »

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Taste of Davao Durian

Have you tried experiencing both heaven and hell in one bite? Well, this is how people put it when they have a taste of the infamous Davao Durian. When eating Davao Durian, people can taste heaven with its silky texture and milky flavor that can be such a treat to one’s taste buds. However, the hell part comes when people get the sniff of this fruit as it can have an unusual and even offending odor for some individual. With this, eating Davao Durian can an exciting eating adventure like no other.

Durian in Davao

Durian fruit

Because of its popularity, different individuals have come up with various ways in which people can fully enjoy this delicious Davao Durian. Read more »

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Eating Philippine Balut the Pinoy Way

Can you imagine yourself eating a three week old duck or chicken egg with formed parts sticking out of it? For some, it may not be a good sight to behold. But for us, Filipinos, we savor every moment of eating the said Philippine delicacies.

One can never be a true “Pinoy” until he or she had a taste of the popular “Philippine Balut”. Indeed, this can be true considering that every Filipino consider Philippine Balut as one of their all time favorite street foods. Philippine Balut is a delicious delicacy that people can enjoy while being on the street.



The real score when it comes to Philippine Balut Read more »