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Lanzones Festival: Experience Worth Sharing

I already had a blueprint in mind of the sights, sounds, and tastes of Camiguin the time we boarded the fastcraft in Cagayan de Oro City. The ticketing and ride went hassle free this time, reminding me of years past when I had to stagger after a bus ride 84 kilometers east of the city, in a town called Balingoan in Misamis Oriental. Of course, I was younger then and frequent vacations in the island made me dare to overcome motion sickness. That old route is still in existence though, since for the vista lovers, land travel is always a choice plus anyone can get a nice seafood meal at the Balingoan Port eateries or rest at the pleasant perspective of islands emerging from the sea in between the eyes. What I did not expect however, was to experience the awesome Lanzones Festival this friend of mine kept bragging about. So, I write about it this time before we hit another itinerary and rendezvous with interesting people who knows how to really party-till-drop. Read more »

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Experience the Grand Celebration of Sinulog Festival

Images of the picturesque Sinulog Festival backfire to cognizance of my quickened steps as a small child of ten, the time we entered the Basilica gates of Cebu and paid decent sum for the candle pedlar’s revered chanting and dancing in solo: A lighted candle raised and waved above her as we faded along with hundreds of devotees still on their way in a long line to see the image of child Jesus encased in a glass housing. Recently, I unearthed some facts over an online travel guide that the dance ritual memorialize the “Cebuano people’s pagan root and their acceptation of Roman Catholicism.” I once thought of those parades and processions or those heavy lines of the devout as plain attractors drawing people closer to the developing tourism of the city, only to dig up historical and religious significance that makes up of its grandeur and reputation to be among the visited and most colorful festivals celebrated in the Philippine Islands.

Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival—Photo courtesy of Sinulog_Festival on flickr

The word Sinulog originates from a Cebuano adverb “sulog” which means “water current movement,” describes the forward-backward motion of the Sinulog dance. I recall the candle vendors then, with clarity now that theirs was a way to preserve tradition too, tracing back origins of pagan accounts, the time when the aforementioned dance steps was a way to please the Anitos (icon of worship). Read more »

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Be Captivated With Ati-atihan Costume

As we all know, a lot of us had been eyeing a lot of events all over the world, leaving remarkable moments in our lives. Truly, a lot of events had been wonderful to be celebrated, left and right festivals are always worth the visit. In the Philippines, festivals had been like an icing to the cake, it captivates our hearts with gratefulness that it cultivates the youthfulness in us. The Ati-atihan Festival in Kalibo, Aklan had been one of the festivals worth watching for, a lot of activities can be witness during this festivity and one of the most sought after event is the street dancing with attractive and colorful ati-atihan costume. Remarkably, an event truly admired and celebrated by a lot of Filipinos up to present. Be it known that this event had been incredibly famous worldwide due to its unique way of celebrating and merrymaking.

Ati-atihan Costume

Ati-atihan Costume—Photo courtesy of Bryan Rapadas on Flickr

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