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Nov 5, 2012 - Feature    No Comments

Hilot: Uniquely Philippine Made

Throughout the years, the practice of hilot has been shadowed by secrecy and mystery. Philippine hilot is a native massage practice that makes use of touch, rubbing movements and heat in order to relieve the body from negative energies. This negative energy would lead to imbalance in the body that can result to development of illnesses. In general, hilot also makes use of natural elements such as herbal plants, leaves and even stones.

However, there are various researches done to understand the logic and science behind the practice of hilot. It is said that hilot make use of the principle of controlling the present electrical charges in the body. Through the use of touch as well as medium deep tissue massage, electrical balance can be achieved. With this, physical wellness can be experienced by any person who undergone hilot.



Pamper your body and soul
Being a type of massage, most people would perceive hilot as a form of relaxation technique. By enjoying a good hilot, people can expect to feel light and calm. Most people would like to enjoy a good hilot massage after a week of work in the office. Nonetheless, hilot is also recommended for people who would just want to promote holistic health of both body and soul. Read more »

Sep 29, 2012 - Feature    No Comments

It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Knowing What Philippines Has to Offer

“It’s more fun in the Philippines” is the popular slogan being advocated by the Philippine Government. This slogan entices both foreign and local tourists to visit the various islands in the Philippines. Nonetheless, there are different elements which could make the tourists prove that indeed “It’s more fun in the Philippines”.

Enjoy Authentic “Jeepney” Ride

Philippine Jeep

Philippine Jeep—Photo courtesy of brdavid on Flickr

It is true that Philippines boast of numerous tourists spots. However, before exploring the distant islands, it is better to enjoy the capital city which is Manila. Going around the bustling and busy streets of Manila can be conveniently done by taking different forms of transportation available such as taxis, trains and the like. But then, in order to have a great Manila experience, don’t miss the chance to ride an authentic jeepney. Jeepney is the public form of transportation being used by almost all locals in the country. Aside from it is cheap and fun, riding a jeepney will give you an opportunity to see the different streets and landmarks in a certain city. Read more »

Apr 23, 2012 - Feature    No Comments

How the Giant Parol in Pampanga Tradition Started

It is said that Filipinos have their own unique way of celebrating Christmas.

As early as November, it can be observed that every Filipino home is filled with Christmas decorations. Filipino families will start putting up their Christmas tree in the living room together with other ornaments. Nonetheless, every Filipino home will never be complete without the traditional “parol”.

Giant lantern

Giant parol—Photo courtesy of agirlintheworld on Flickr

Basically, Parol is a Christmas decoration shaped like a star. The parol represents the star that said to be shining brightly during the birth of Jesus. Traditionally, parol is made from thin flexible bamboo. These bamboo sticks will then be tied together in order to form a star. After doing so, it will then be covered with colored paper to make it more attractive. Because of its religious implications as well as the innate religiousness of Filipinos, parol became a permanent part of Filipino Christmas celebration. Read more »