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Davao International Airport: One of Davao’s Structural Pride

Davao City is a place being constantly visited by various tourists every single day. The popularity of Davao City as a tourist destination can be attributed to the different sights and views that can be seen when you visit. Tourists are at awe because of the rich culture and tradition Davao has to offer to its visitors. However, the wonder that Davao has to offer starts not with the tourist destinations but upon reaching the airport itself. This is true considering that Davao International Airport is not the usual airport you see every day in your life.

Davao International Airport

Davao International Airport

Basically, an airport is a place where people land every time they would travel via airplane. This is also the same place where people would go to when boarding planes. With this purpose, it is important that airports are created in such a way that it will deliver comfort and convenience to various passengers. And these factors of comfort and convenience are greatly evident when you visit Davao International Airport.
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5 Davao Tourist Spots You Can Visit Without Spending Too Much

Whether you believe it or not but being able to see different Davao tourist spots can be done by just spending PHP 100. Going to different Davao tourist spots can be more fun especially when one is on a tight budget. This can be a challenge that you and your friends can try doing when visiting Davao City. Who said that tourist could not enjoy seeing the beauty of Davao with just PHP 100 inside one’s pocket?

Peoples Park Davao

People's Park Davao

The People’s Park
Considered to be one of the newest Davao tourist spots, Davao’s People Park is the best place where people could gather and simply enjoy great views. This said Public Park comes with no entrance fee that can be quite practical for people on a tight budget. There are different things people can enjoy when going to People’s Park. People can be amazed with the various gigantic and artistic sculptures created by a famous artist residing in Davao City. Aside from that, one could have fun playing around the water fountains and light shows being performed during night. Read more »

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Zipline in Davao: An Adventure Every Thrill Seeker Should Never Miss

Every child at heart would dream of wanting to fly like superman and other superheroes that they have grown up with. For some, this may be a dream that will never come true. However, certain thrill seekers see another opportunity to experience being a superhero with the use Zipline in Davao. Zipline in Davao is an exhilarating experience wherein people are able to glide from one place to another with the use of a single line while being suspended into almost 200 ft above the ground altitude. These said line is placed on high places which make the whole experience unique and heart pumping.

Zipline Davao

Zipline in Davao—Photo courtesy of

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