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Kayaking in Cebu: An Adventure Every Traveler Should Never Miss

There are various means in which you can go around Cebu. You can ride taxis and local jeepneys. But have you tried going around by Kayaking? If you are tired of the usual tourist tours being offered when going to Cebu, then you can be adventurous by trying Kayaking instead.

Kayaking in Cebu

Kayaking in Cebu—Photo courtesy of dEyv on Flckr

Cebu can be considered as one of the key cities in the Philippines. This said city consists of different beautiful islands. Visiting Cebu is never complete without you personally seeing the said islands. Nonetheless, traveling from one island to another is only possible by means of boat rides. These boat rides can be quite tiring which discourages tourists to visit the other islands. However, there is a better transportation alternative that tourist could try. Kayaking in Cebu is an activity tourists can engage into. With kayaking, people are able to go around the various islands of Cebu. Nonetheless, before one could try this adventurous activity, it is important that people aware of certain facts in order for the trip to be safe and worthwhile. Read more »

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Interesting Places to See in Cebu

A popular destination like Cebu has captured the fancy and attention of millions of foreigners from all over the world. Koreans count in thousands who visit Cebu Island every month. Where you go in Cebu will be a matter o f preference.

There are historical museums for those who want to take a trip down memory lane or you can take a walk and enjoy the solemn pavements in Fort San Pedro. There are flourishing estates and abundance in the islands where one can enjoy diving, parasailing, jet skiing, and other water activities, to name just a few. There are shopping malls that cover several acres of land, as well as the famed Carbon Market, which would certainly hark back of the shopping districts in Bangkok and Hong Kong. Below are just some of the many interesting places in Cebu that every visitors should visit.

Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island—Photo courtesy of ComicGeek on Flickr

Bantayan Island

At the northern tip of Cebu is the Bantayan Island. It is renowned for two things: a great shoreline and small population. If you’re looking for the most ideal recluse, this would be it. There’s definitely affordable and impressive beach resorts to spend an interesting weekend or summer. Read more »

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Cebu: A Perfect Holiday Destination

Cebu City is a getaway destination which is about an hour air travel from Manila. It’s found in an island in central Philippines with Cebu City as its capital. The stretched island is thin with a few miniature islands off-shore. Its international airport is located on the flat island of Mactan. An island separated from the main land mass by the narrow Mactan strait. Cebu city is one of the prominent centers for commerce and infrastructure in the Visayas and Mindanao region of the country. Because of this and other key aspects that Cebu City was given the well deserved moniker Queen City of the South.

Shangri-la Mactan

Shangri-la Mactan -- Photo courtesy of seansabado on flickr

For tourists local and foreign, Cebu offers many travel destinations. One primary historical and religious marker is the “Magellan’s Cross” which was named after Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese born explorer who arrived in Cebu in the early 1500s. Pieces of the original cross are believed to be encased in the present spot. Across the street from the downtown marker is the Sto. Niño Basilica. It used to be the only Catholic Basilica in East Asia. The basilica houses the celebrated “Santo Niño” the patron saint of the Cebuanos. Another historical site downtown in Cebu is the Fort San Pedro, the remains of the Spanish military fortification that still stands today as a tourist site. Read more »