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Top Beach Resorts in Camiguin Island

Camiguin Island’s dignified history is prided on the remains of colonial churches and sunken crosses of acemetery that now lies undersea. Its volcanic topography is blessed with spectacular hot and cold springs. Its streets and street-side-joints are alighted with locals smiling and accommodating tourists and trippers ever making their way there and old houses too, picturesque vistas almost every after. Camiguin Island is outstanding whether you’re reading it in magazines, hearing it from friends, or seeing it yourself. It is truly a worthwhile experience. Not only that springs here soothes your soul, or thrills you out bone-deep on your Katibawasan Falls trek, it is truly breathtaking to see marvelous places unfurl in your trip around the island. But wait, the beach escapes don’t want to be let out, as more and more white sanded retires console your weary senses.

Camiguin white sand beach

Camiguin white sand beach—Photo courtesy of paynepat44 on flickr

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Four Amazing Places to Stay in Camiguin

Getting to Camiguin is hassle-free when you start from Cagayan de Oro City. Just at the Macabalan Port a fast craft (Paras Sea Cat) will take you to this exciting island in two hours, arriving at the Benoni Wharf. If you’re not in a hurry, you can take a bus ride to Balingoan which is about two hours and a half, and take a ferry ride to Benoni Wharf in an hour travel. Arriving at this port on, you’d see vistas and natural formations of rocks and slopes, not much to see of its urban life but a customary tropical convenience you can feel the moment you disembark a pleasurable ride up to here, more so that it begins a Camiguin island experience.

Camiguin Island Beach

Panoramic View of Camiguin—Photo courtesy of gogo159 on Flickr

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Camiguin Tourist Spots that Every Visitors Must Visit

An unruffled moment beside the view of an awe-inspiring 250 feet waterfall that cascades to a pool surrounded by rare orchids and ferns lets you feel a cold brush of forced air and smells with natural botanic taste, a healing to your weary soul. Hiking the trail was a thrill to your senses. The lush jungle and steep volcanoes you can see as if it was so close and so, following your days are but forgetting the life in your urban home as you follow the trail of these tourist spots in Camiguin.

Camiguin beach

A white sand beach in Camiguin—Photo courtesy of JE Omana on Flickr

Every year during the third month of October, people celebrate the harvest of sweet lanzones. That long weekend of street dancing, parades, and beauty pageants around the island is just among few of the sights and sounds that make up its overall beauty. The Lanzones Festival as dedicated to lanzones, a fruit with pale brown skin and a sweet translucent flesh which is a good source of income in Mambajao. Read more »