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Gota Village Resort: A Perfect Ecotourism Destination

A vacation can be a gift of renewing the weary spirit and also seeing from the descent the sun and white sand in the splendor of the mornings and afternoons with the weather coming and a blue sea like no other with the clusters of island gleaming, desolately inviting some active discover that you are. In Gota Beach Resort Camarines Sur, you’d only hear the traffic of birds chirping, a silence you’d wish to cover your ears or the intermittent sound of pump boats from afar, fading, gives you a feeling of a plunge into its virgin beach like it was discovered the moment you cast your firsts steps.

Gota Village Resort

Gota Village Resort—Photo courtesy of yoodz on Flickr

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Looking for a Camarines Sur Tour Package?

You can’t wait to see all splendor of sunup to sundown in Camarines Sur. The places to visit and the food joints that are always served with a special hospitality, become rare semblance of tourist destination you’ll repeatedly ask for in your vacation time. It is best to see top Camarines Sur tourist destinations that you won’t doubt places to go or wait in a road for a vehicle to take you to the breathtaking adventures in an expensive price. You can sit and relax. Choose among our top choices for Camarines Sur tour package.

Matukad Island

Matukad Island, Camarines Sur—Photo courtesy of rgabianojr on flickr

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Five Best Things in Caramoan

An exuberant tropical ecology: sun or white sand awaits you at the Philippines’ array of natures beauty. Since your destination can be truly fascinating by wonders of paradise, a destination among the breathtaking places of Caramoan, Camarines Sur won’t let you stop exploring all hundred islands, seascapes with infinite shades of blue and dazzling coral growths.

Gota Village Resort

Gota Village Resort—Photo courtesy of me_traveller on Flickr

1. The Caramoan Peninsula gained its reputation years back when local news and television programs featured this travel destination and tourists both local and foreign started arriving its virgin beaches. From Manila, a 9-hour bus ride may take you there. Or an hour flight to Naga City. From Naga City, (Sabang Port) a 3 hour travel to Caramoan Port. Boat departure starts 5 AM and there are a variety of rides available for a price costing 120 Php to 150 Php or 3$ to 4$. Arriving at Caramoan you may take a Jeepney or tricycle ride to the Centro or the Gota beach. Read more »