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Camiguin Tourist Spots that Every Visitors Must Visit

An unruffled moment beside the view of an awe-inspiring 250 feet waterfall that cascades to a pool surrounded by rare orchids and ferns lets you feel a cold brush of forced air and smells with natural botanic taste, a healing to your weary soul. Hiking the trail was a thrill to your senses. The lush jungle and steep volcanoes you can see as if it was so close and so, following your days are but forgetting the life in your urban home as you follow the trail of these tourist spots in Camiguin.

Camiguin beach

A white sand beach in Camiguin—Photo courtesy of JE Omana on Flickr

Every year during the third month of October, people celebrate the harvest of sweet lanzones. That long weekend of street dancing, parades, and beauty pageants around the island is just among few of the sights and sounds that make up its overall beauty. The Lanzones Festival as dedicated to lanzones, a fruit with pale brown skin and a sweet translucent flesh which is a good source of income in Mambajao.

If you want to spend a night and unwind in a hot spring, then Ardent Hot Springs Resort is perfect for you. Its mineral pool is therapeutic and underneath its towering trees is well deserved for picnics or for a cool down stroll to smell the scent of nature. Any day tripper who can bring along a tent can stay and pitch at the grounds overnight without charge, and since the resort is located in Mambajao, it is easier to access the city and check out the goodies in store for needs. This hot spring will surely hold you. With affordable rates of their rooms and good food within the resort or at the outside counter, perfectly restive environment, and easy access to the urban life, this surely will count as top list for your priority spot in Camiguin island. No wonder it is one of the most visited Camiguin tourist spots.

The Sto. Nino Cold Spring is located a bit far from Mambajao but with a wider ground and soothing ambiance. This is one of the Camiguin tourist spots that receive a lot of visitors throughout the year because of its clean and flowing cold crystalline water. It has reasonable prices for its cottages and there are tables and chairs for rent if you want to stay under the trees. Stores are also just outside the perimeter fence to make things convenient for a tripper. Videoke boxes for the singing aficionado can last a day or simply listen to music while lying down at the poolside.

Another cold spring located a bit far but really worth your visit, is derived from the distinct taste of the water and also of its bubbles coming out from underneath the pool flooring. Bura Soda Springs boasts its view of the big pool and cottages. There is also food in stall to make things easier for tourists. Whether it is international cooking or locally inspired dishes, at the Bura Soda Springs things can turn out fascinating.

Macao Cold Spring is closer to Mambajao. And the trail leading up to its cool and flowing pool is worth a hike as it is yet well preserved. Around the pool you are closest to nature as even tree leaves fall to its waters and the smell of wood and underbrush is therapeutic for your soul. You can stretch out and enjoy the breeze of this most exotic among the Camiguin tourist spots.

The sunken cemetery was once part of the mainland but has settled undersea after volcanic eruptions took place in Camiguin Island. The cemetery, now underwater, has also shown new form of life growing from it as corals begin to veil it. A huge cross is also installed at the sea of site and any visitor who lights a candle can cross via a for hire banca.

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery

Camiguin Sunken Cemetery—Photo courtesy of rev_adan on Flickr

In your visits to Camiguin tourist spots, pay close attention to the remains of the Spanish colonization as it is visible from the old houses and churches found in Camiguin. The church ruins is the oldest that stood after the 1871 volcanic eruption and its walls still stand until this day so you can light a candle too and see the majestic view on your way there.

If you think you had enough of Camiguin tourist spots, this fact may help you: there are seven Volcanoes in Camiguin Island. Mount Hibok-Hibok is the only active Volcano and a lot of mountain climbers are also challenged to conquer its crest here. After a climb, a treat of white sand beach just a ten minute ride from the Beach Club, beholds a view of Camiguin with the sky and clouds in opposition to show or hide its mountains. White Island is popular for sun bathers and beach wannabes. For underwater adventurers your Mantigue Island is a marine reserve ideal for diving and snorkeling with available amenities that’ll surely convenient for a packaged trip.

What more from its lagoon or old houses, places you can shut your eyes and listen to nature. Unwind and enjoy, dance in the Lanzones Festival and eat the locally inspired cuisine. These are just some of the Camiguin tourist spots that surely make your vacation unsurpassed.

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